Thursday, November 17, 2016

Let The Good Times Roll (and roll and roll)

I'm not making near the money I did at the airport but lucky for us isn't a necessity anymore. It was a great job but a logistical nightmare and sometimes more work just getting to than doing, not to mention paying twelve bucks a day to park and even with doing so was still a shuttle ride away from the security checkpoint and another ten minutes away from even clocking in. Yes it was great and absolutely hated having to give it up but is almost a relief. I now drive ten minutes up the interstate, park my car (for free) and clock in three minutes later. Those are a lot of bonus points when you're my age.

I'm starting to get tired. I've been slinging plates since 1980.

Having to work to get to work isn't on an almost fifty seven year old woman's list of most wanted things in life.

I'm good now.

It wasn't easy starting over, especially at a new job in a new city, state and tiny rental house but only have five months more before being able to actively pursue purchasing our "Forever Home."

It took this ole gal a minute (or almost month) but have settled in nicely and can say with almost certainity the management knows they picked the right old hag to hire. Just as I did at the airport, I'm on time, look as sharp as an over half century old woman can look but work circles around the younguns and need a lot less supervision or correction.

I'm no longer the woman server who was "strange in nature and seemed off."

Bitch please...the bitch is back!

My sales continue to increase and so do my tips. I waited on just four tables tonight and made over $167.00.

The managers started a contest three weeks ago for getting customers to sign up for emails. If they sign up will recieve a twenty five dollar certificate off any seventy five dollar purchase. Heck that's thirty percent savings. The first week I did terrible because was 'still strange in nature and seemed off' and just trying to get the job down. Week two I got over forty sign ups (more than anyone) and last week beat my own record getting fifty.

I was almost (not really but acted) embarassed when at our pre shift meeting the general manager singled me out by name and said "This server is our newest hire and doing better than all of you."

I've said it before and say it again. If I was as good a wife and mother as I am a server would be one outstanding individual. Once I get the menu and wine list into my head enough to know how to sell ... can and do.

I did it because they asked me to but in return has served me well.

Bonus points the winning team (four on a team) split a $100 gift card and single best selling server wins a $25 gift card.

That's $50 for me if I keep it up... and will.

I was kinda worried about Thanksgiving. We're having it at my sister's house in Georgia and having Christmas here in Orlando. I knew being a (albiet old)newbie seemed brash to request time off this soon but went into work tonight and simply asked if was possible?

They totally revised my schedule and can now drive up with my brother on Wednesday afternoon after working a day shift and don't have to be back until Sunday afternoon.

The best of both worlds.

Tim and Massey are staying here because Tim has to work Friday morning at seven and Massey's bestie is flying in at nine AM for a visit. TJ and Chelsea are both having to stay here because TJ has to work.

I get to ride up with Chris Wednesday afternoon, hang out with my Georgia fam including my Lost Boy (who've missed more than thought I  ever would) on Thanksgiving Day. Drive back on Friday and still have Saturday off to enjoy a belated Orlando Thanksgiving with Tim, Massey, her bestie, TJ, Chelsea and the two G babes.

I'm going to get to see and be with them all.

At this point in my way over half way done life am more concerned about adding life to my years than adding money to my bank account.

I'm just fine with this new job and is seeming to be fine with me.

Would I like to be still raking money in hand over foot?


Do I enjoy being with family more?


Sometimes life isn't about where you're going but where you're from.

Til next time...COTTON

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