Saturday, November 12, 2016

Redunkulous At Best

OMG Becky and Shut The front Door! The shit show was over on Tuesday and you're still yacking about it... what difference will it make now?

I've been voting since 1978 and in every election. This past one embarassed not only me but the entire nation. I've never heard, read or seen so many hateful, negative and sometimes downright untrue comments tossed about with no remorse. I'm on the verge of wondering if we really are all Americans? It sure hasn't seemed so since around midnight on the eighth of November.

Everyone is so redunkulously upset although almost half didn't even bother to cast a vote.

That is the real shit show and main reason we're in such a sad state of affairs if you ask me.

I know for an absolute fact that more than many (and by that mean millions) never vote. How in the world can bitching seem to or be easier than casting a vote?

Bitch, please.

The two previous words have never been more applicable.


Right up the road from where we now live, a mile or two away this happened a couple of days ago. Somehow these two symbols of America were trapped by a storm drain after a fight. One finally flew away but the other fell into the sewer and needed to be rescued.

WE can be the symbol who flew to freedom or the one who fell down the storm drain and had to be rescued.

It's like these two wonderful, beautiful and awesome to see creatures were trying to teach us human American idiots a lesson. You can fly or you can sink into the gutter.

I think flying is much more appealing.

My candidate didn't win and have many apprehensions about not only the qualifications but morals and agenda of the one who did.

Having cast my vote can only pray for the other eagle.

Just stop the bashing. Just stop the Monday morning quarterback comments of the game played on Sunday.

I have felt like defriending more than several people for their comments and continuing social media rants but won't. That's their right and mine to ignore.

There has to be some healing and coherent compromise before we can all move ahead.

I just don't get it.

 I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but beginning to feel like a genius. And that's a pretty scary scenario.

Life is simple.

Love everyone as you would like to be loved.

It's called The Golden Rule for a reason.

I know with (mostly semi) confidence everything will be okay but come on people, help make democracy do it's thing. Let's come together. The boys from across the pond even knew it.

Til next time...COTTON

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