Sunday, November 20, 2016

Feeling Ambiguous

Number one am still pretty ticked off about the way my job transfer to Orlando, allowing me to keep all benefits and seniority was (not) handled and actually still waiting to hear back from the CEO who told me the matter was being looked into.

They certainly didn't make this employee's day better by a long shot.

They keep telling me they are investigating what happened to me in hopes that never happens to anyone else.

know what happened.

I lost my job.

I want to know why it happened.

I think at the very least owe me an explanation why an employee with unblemished work record and qualifications extremely exceeding the job for which they applied was turned down. The woman who was looking into the matter finally called me back over three weeks later (after I called her again) and said she wasn't sure what happened but they would try and make sure it didn't to anyone else.

That's absolutely an unacceptable answer to me. I had full coverage for myself, Massey and Zach with my employment. Life, medical, vision and dental. That's a tremendous amount to lose for no particular reason.

So guess I'm once again writing the CEO and once again asking as nicely as I can to explain me exactly why this happened.

I've thought about it long and hard. I think at the very least HMS should compensate for me and my two kids to go COBRA until am eligible to sign up for insurance with my new employer.

If they can't tell my why I wasn't hired at least make up for obviously bad judgment on their part regarding how they treated an excellent and dedicated employee.

I'm a die hard Tech fan but can be a Bulldog like you wouldn't believe.

I may never find out what happened but they will find out am not a person to give up easily when I am wronged for no apparent or good reason.

I may be a plate slinger but I have rights too. Maybe it's time to get the Union involved.

Now on to the rest of my ambiguity.

Working at the airport was a logistical nightmare and pretty costly paying three grand a year for parking but the money made was off the chain great. I thought I would transfer with the airport, take a huge pay cut but at least retain great benefits until found a job making enough to afford and put us all on Tim's insurance.

Plot twist.

It didn't happen.

So I scrambled, threw some shit (and myself) together and found a job willing to hire Granny aged Plate Slingers. It's a great job in a slick new ultra chic restaurant in an up and coming area in Orlando.

I took a sixty percent paycut with no insurance benefits for twelve months but the management and corporate are great.

I really miss averaging $300 a shift. We're okay with what I'm making now but keep thinking about what all we could do with that extra money. I could be socking away money for our retirement and socking away money for buying our Forever Home in seven months.

I know where I can go and still make that Phat money in Orlando,  slinging plates.

Disney or Universal.

Do I stay at Chroma and hopefully help them build something great or try and join something already great and immediately reap rewards?

On one hand I absolutely hate starting a new job and just beginning to feel comfortable at my new one. It's only been open since early September and would feel honored to be part of it's seemingly sure success.

Or I can just worry about me and go for the gold I know is Disney/ Universal.

My heart says Chroma, my bank account says Disney/Universal.

I'm a torn Plate Slinger.

Til next time...COTTON

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