Saturday, November 5, 2016

Restaurant Doppelgangers

The day finally came. My first payday! I didn't work until five but needed that paycheck so asked Massey if she wanted to go have lunch at the restaurant and pick up my check? We get 50% off every time we come in to eat or when we order food before or after work. Excellent benefit! We started with the Spinach and Charred Apple Salad with string beets and citrus vinaigrette dressing. It was one of the few items I hadn't tried and loved it.

We also had lump crab spring rolls with Ponzu sauce, pulled pork sliders with Jicama slaw, Shishito Aioli and hand cut fries. We also split some Butterscotch bread pudding.

Working in a restaurant is the same wherever you work, just with a differnt address. There are people you're immediately  drawn to and others you immediately shy away from. There are ones who work hard and others who work hard not to. There are about five or six at my new job who totally remind me of people from other restuarants where I've worked. When talking to Massey about them have used their "Doppelganger" names.

The minute we sat down, she said "Okay, where's your Ana, is that her?" and nodded toward one of the servers. I laughed because had told her one of the servers reminded me of my good friend at Ecco, Ana.

That's Ana on the far right. My favorite work phrase was (still is) "Bitch, please" and she had a tee shirt made for me on my last day with those words across the front. She also had shirts made for them which read "Bitch Bye."

Ana was a really good friend to me at Ecco and is loved by Massey as well. She came over to eat dinner with us on one of  our last nights in Newnan and even  even wore her shirt!

The funniest story about Ana was one day when were all working together. A table stopped me and asked if I could get their server for them? I asked who their server was and they replied, "I think her name was Maria."

Guess it was the only Latino name they could think of at the time but was a running joke from that day forward.


She responded by giving me and Massey average white girl nicknames. I was Betty and Massey was Penny.

So back to today at lunch. When Massey asked me if the server she spotted walking by was my Ana, I had to laugh and said, "Actually no, but crazy enough her name is Maria."

So of course like the idiots we are asked Maria to take a selfie with Massey. She's one of the ones I've been drawn to. Sweet, beautiful and always helpful. We told her the whole 'Maria' story before asking for the selfie. Maybe Ana has two Doppelgangers! I'll have to get a picture of the other one too.

All the servers I work with are excellent servers, wouldn't be employed there if weren't; but there's a huge difference between being a great server and a great worker. I've seen it every single place I've worked. Luckily for me know I am both.

Not meaning to brag but as I told the manager who first interviewed me (Damir's Doppelganger) for the job, "If I was as good a wife and mother as am a server, I'd be an awesome person."

The management is awesome and top notch, the place has only been open a little over a month so the not so great workers will fall to the wayside as quickly as they fell in to the job.

I've done increasing better every single shift and quickly gaining my confidence back.

Believe it or not actually had someone come in tonight and ask specifically for my table!

My screw ups on the new job have been minimal and my service gets better with each and every shift.

There will never be another job like the one I had at the airport but certainly served me beyond  well; allowed my family to prosper like a MoFo for three years and can now settle down for what's most surely the last chapter in my life and finally relax long enough to smell the roses my hard work ethic and determination have planted along the road of my life.

It's not like my new managers fawn over or constantly praise but have been in this business long enough to know that all of them are observing me and the job I do. If I was doing it wrong or (as we say in the south) not up to snuff... would have let me know two weeks ago.

Three weeks ago was ready to tuck my tail under my legs and simply go back home.

Now I am home.

When life pushes you to what feels like your breaking point... it's time to push even harder!

 Hello. It's me and I've made it.

Til next time...COTTON

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