Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Can You Do?

Elections are always going to go one way or the other. The way you want or the way you don't want.

I think this election bothered me most simply because of the flat out hate it worked up on both sides of party lines. The bashing was intense, often personal and borderline vicious. Is that really necessary?

After Trump won this was what someone I know from my childhood posted on FB.

Pack up Muslims bye bye. Amen

 The post absolutely disgusted me.

 To hate a person simply because they are different from you in race or religion is the epitome of hate. Our country was founded with us being immigrants in a new country.

We treated the natives horribly and savagely, shoving them all into a small space with guns while  they only had arrows but we expanded and took over their entire homeland. It's an embarrassing part of our history, just like how we treated the slaves brought over from Africa.

It kinda sounds to me like we were lazy. We brought in humans to literally do our dirty work for pennies on the dollar.

No wonder they are both still pissed.

I think as we have grown and prospered over the years have forgotten how it all got started. We charged in like a bull(y) and totally took over.

You should  feel grateful to be an American but should also remember how this all started.

We are a society melting pot. We are many and are all different. It's what makes us the greatest nation on earth.

Never exclude someone from this nation, whether be race, religion or sexual gender.

The one and single thing we all have in common is that we are all  human.

Try and be a good one.

I do.

That last line sounds like the vow I took when marrying my husband in 1990.

He is a die hard Republican married to a crazy die hard Democrat but still love each other.

Both want the same thing. This nation to survive and prosper.

My biggest fear is for the Muslim, Latino and Gay  hate. How do you hate someone for their religious belief, sexual identity or ethnicity?

Love is the answer totally and completely.

Til next time...COTTON

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