Monday, November 14, 2016

A Taste of Home

 The chef at work had a special for dinner tonight. Meatloaf made from our ground in house short rib, creamed potatoes with mushroom gravy and fried onion straws. I could hardly wait to be cut from the floor and order mine. It was so delicious I ordered another one to go and took it home for Massey.

One of the things I miss most about living in Georgia is all the great home cooking restaurants; have yet to find one here in Orlando.

The executive chef where I work was one of two finalist's on Food Network's "Chopped."

The dude sure knows how to create and cook, that's for sure. I haven't talked with him much at length, am still a newbie but every dish he's created for the menu is top notch and melt in your mouth good.

I told Massey today after we tried yet again another supposed home cooking restaurant, "We gotta quit wasting money looking for good food when I get it for fifty percent off at Chroma."

Case in point.

Charred apple and spinach salad with stringed beets and citrus vinaigrette.

Lamb ribs with Korean barbecue glaze, shredded Daikon radishes and sprouts.

The concept is awesome. Small sharable plates. Usually when you go to really nice restaurant choose maybe an appetizer and one entree. A group of four at Chroma can spend less to try and share eight to ten different things.

I'm still on the fence about this drastic change in my life after being in Georgia for fifty six years. I feel better after finally learning which interstates go south/north and east/west. I can now drive to the bank and get back home without GPS turned on and have actually made a few friends.

My next door Boy Toy, Justin living with his girlfriend, Ashley who replaced my Georgia next door Husband, Ron with his wife, Felicia. I quickly bonded with a few servers who would absolutely invite over to my own tiny cracker box of a rental house for dinner and drinks. Antonia and Maria, a wonderful combination of my dear Ana from work at Ecco. Tyler, the cutest guy ever who helped train my spastic self when sinking in self doubt. He's Massey's bestie, Michael's doppelganger. Theresa, "T" who reminds me of  two of my favorite LHorn servers, Teresa and Andrea. Kelsey, who Massey always refers to as "The girl you made cry?" (another blog altogether).

The point is at least I'm making friends.

It made my heart warm the other night at work when I got my lunch box out of my locker at work and tossed a handful of chocolate candy onto the table where all these peeps were polishing and rolling silverware. Antonia smiled and said "We love you, Kelly."

It feels good to be loved, even if chocolate initiated.

Massey has met a few of these peeps on our two times having lunch there on my day off and every one of them has commented what a delightful young woman I have for a daughter.

Seems they are perceptive too.

I'm gonna be okay now.

I don't know why I keep saying this, other than trying to reassure myself but that's okay too.

Baby steps it is...and shall be.

I rocked tonight's shift. It was slow for a Monday, only sold $745 but made over $140. You do the math.

As soon as I get in a real house...our own house will feel a million times better. It won't be long. I waited five years to be able to just pay utilities on time.

I can wait five more months to purchase our exactly right and forever home.

It will be a "Par Tay" and then some.

Til next time...COTTON

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