Monday, October 31, 2016


Greatest kid costume ever.

I dressed as a waitress tonight and went to work. Massey stayed home and gave out candy. Seems we live in a pretty kid friendly neighborhood, she gave out one entire huge bowl and half of another.

The neighborhood we lived in back in Newnan was newly built when we moved in so all the kids pretty much grew up together and by the time my kids were grown, so were everyone elses. We had zero Trick or Treaters last year and one the year before that. If I bought candy it was something I liked and had it for weeks to enjoy.

It seemed weird being 88 degrees the day before the first day of November but is my favorite thing about this move. Tonight was my Friday and felt good to be tired.

It also feels good to be thirty minutes away from the beach and  exactly where I'm heading tomorrow on my day off. My little car gets 40 mpg and the place I go has free parking and restrooms.
I toss a sheet in the backseat of the car to spread out on the sand to relax on, take two bottles of water and spend three hours taking in the sights and sounds of the beauty of an ocean. It soothes my soul, which needs it.

This whole transition has been hard for me, especially with my rocky employment start but will be okay as long as I can get in my car, drive to Cocoa Beach... smell the salt water and let the ocean breeze take my worries away.

The times, they're changing but simply must go with the flow. Here's some dudes in tight pants with crazy ass hair sprayed hair but can belt out some tunes.

I'm gonna keep on rolling and go to the beach when I need to decompress.

Til next time...COTTON

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