Saturday, October 29, 2016

Seems About Right

It's been a month since the move to Florida. We had a cat4 hurricane hit our very first week here... seems about right.

I had a total meltdown week two because was suddenly unemployed... seems about right.

I secured a great job week three but had yet another meltdown because of starting over again in a new place... definitely seems about right.

I studied even more than had when beginning my previous job three years ago and was a nervous wreck then too. Yep, seems about right.

The restaurant has only been open for a little over a month and all the other servers had gone through two weeks of training before opening. It made me feel better to know they only had six weeks seniority over me and still made it onto the floor in six days. Guess that over achiever side of me finally paid off. I still have tons to learn but am a pretty quick learner when is server related.

I had this move planned like a tactical surprise military invasion. We were broke for almost ten years but have made money hand over fist the last three. All bills were caught up, current and although the cost of the move wiped out my savings had enough to get me through one week here before beginning my new gig at the airport in Orlando. Then the gig (which wasn't looking forward to anyway) fell apart and suddenly was unemployed for three weeks longer than expected.

Money goes out a lot quicker when none is coming in and have been ridiculously spoiled the last three years. When the spoiling stopped and didn't have another job to immediately go to making half the money, was screwed like a light bulb.

I was more than devastated. I was broke again financially, emotionally, and mentally.

I was a train wreck but at least finally had really nice finger nails.

Serving for a living is killer on the nails if you do your job right and don't get them done, gelled or stuck on in a shop.

I am way over fifty six years old and can not for the life of me imagine spending money to have someone give me fake nails. I file and keep the dirt cleaned out from underneath my own and use clear polish to make them look all shiny. After I've done them sometimes even enjoy looking at my handiwork.

Maybe I missed my calling because I see a lot of fancy and fake nails out there every single day, not to mention fingernails and toenails painted with themes or pictures. I'm gonna put it right out there now...are you serious that you can't clip and paint your own toenails? I do mine and think they look pretty cute, even that one awkward screwed up half pinky toe nail.

I've seen worse and feel pretty good about my own. I could do without all the wrinkles on my hands but kind of reminds me of how hard it's been to get where I am now.

I've finally found myself, homestyle nails and all.

Sometimes you have to look at the big picture.

What I've been through is what has made me who I am now. When life gets tough you need to get tougher. When you lose something great something greater is destined to happen if you keep giving life your all and fight like crazy. Crazy is my forte' and has so far served me well.

And yes that is a lampshade on my head at a party we had at my sister's house...Touche'

It'll all be okay and so will I with my house painted finger and toenails.

I can see clearly now.

Til next time...COTTON

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