Sunday, October 30, 2016

How Kella Got Her Groove Back

I feel more comfortable with each and every shift I work. It's a logistical breeze, literally less than twenty minutes from my driveway to the time I actually clock in on the computer at work. Bonus points: free parking and no security screening. My sales and tip average have increased with each shift and beginning to feel semi confident again. Management seems to have confidence in me as well which increases my own semi confidence. They give me the same size section of tables as every other server and never hover over my shoulder. It's still nerve wracking when I have five tables going at once but am careful to write absolutely everything down and check every order before sending to the kitchen. Today was just my fourth day on the floor and can say with (more than semi) confidence am going to blow this job out of the water and be a Go-To server in a month. I continue to study and ask questions every day, have introduced myself to every back of the house employee and can with a lot of confidence the kitchen staff already likes me quite a bit. So many servers never bother to get to know the heart of the house, the peeps and the preps who make it all happen.

One of my last tables tonight was a very nice couple who happened to be from metro Atlanta but now lived in Orlando. They asked for the check and said they needed to get home in time to watch The Walking Dead. When I came back with their check, brought my cell phone with me. I showed the wife this picture...

Her immediate comment?

"Shut the **** up!"

Then I scrolled back to this one...

She said the exact same thing, only louder.

It's called connected service and I'm all about that. It feels good to be connecting with customers again.

It feels even better to be doing it four days into this new gig.

I'm thinking Kella is finally getting her groove back.

It's all about baby steps and not sure why I keep forgetting that. God knows I've had to do it multiple times the past ten years. You'd think I'd be used to it by now.

I'm just hoping at my current age and this  particular point in my life, will finally be the last time I have to remind my crazy self of the fact.

My brother makes fun of me because I freak out so easily but when you push a brand new human being out out your body or have one ripped out during an emergency C section the worry level goes off the charts for at least  twenty five more years.

My problem isn't my  kids anymore (all three are doing terrific) but is me. I'm just glad he never had kids and doesn't mind taking care of me when I can't.

Same with my sister. Although she had two kids of her own to worry about has taken care of me like a mother while being the best sister ever.

Essentially this blog has been a place for me to remind myself of how lucky I am having ten years of bad luck.

In hindsight wish every person could be as unlucky as I have been.

Slowly but surely am clawing my way back to the point where can resume paying it forward again... the greatest concept ever which could literally change and help save this world.

He may be a terrible boyfriend but the dude knows how to tell it like it is.

I don't want to wait, just want to help... as we all should.

Til next time...COTTON

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