Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dr. Granny

So after (seemingly) successfully becoming a brain surgeon at my last job after about six month's training am right back where I started; earning yet another medical degree. After all the stress I've been through lately thought I would shoot for cardiologist this time. Can a person de fib their self? That might come in handy!

Day one and two of training were a no brainer... run food. I can do that all day long and really helped to learn all the table numbers, which there are a lot of. I did get to see most every item and learn how it was prepared. I've already gone through fifty index cards, taking notes on each and every item.

Day three I was a fish out of water, they put me behind the bar with the bartender for a day shift.

 Don't get me wrong, I knowing all about drinking, just not about being a bartender. I was only a bartender once, briefly... when I was twenty two. It was with a country club one summer at their adult pool. I had a vinyl chaise lounge I brought with me every day and reclined in right outside the bar kiosk. I wrote bartender across the top with a sharpie and when any of the old women waiting on their husbands to get through playing golf wanted another bloody mary they'd come wake me up. Total mindset of a twenty two year old in 1982. I only lasted one summer but had a killer tan.

I worked with a cute as pie young girl today tending day bar and didn't want to mess with her paycheck so stayed away from her guests. I told her to tell me when she needed help or wanted me to do something but also asked her questions and made notes all day long while watching her closely as she made a lot of the signature cocktails and craft sodas. I filled up another thirty index cards.

Holy Shitake Mushrooms and Shut The Front Door...

Here I go again.

I've made so many notes it could be a book, and actually is.

It's my book to coming back. And come back I will.

I'm hard on myself but seems to make me a better person in the long run. Yes I'll make mistakes but that's how you learn, from them. I'll stumble and bumble along but get better at it every single shift and before long (maybe a couple of months since I'm old) will be an asset and within another month be a valued team player.

I would have never thought beginning at Ecco almost three years ago would end up being an employee they hated losing and be sorely missed but seems I am.

Go Granny!

So this Granny joined ole Jed and moved to Orlandy. I had a rough start, mostly because of my own freaking out over the airport dumping on me like a full bellied pigeon with it's butt toward the back of the fan of my life but (small pun) will get over it.

I know great things will happen here, just want them to immediately but's simply not how life works.

I've always been loved by family and friends, and lucky for that. I also need to feel wanted by my job and once again at the not so young age of way over fifty six need to feel that again.

And will.

At least I'm living in Florida now, where have always wanted to end up. I have a great new job,  just have to step up one more time and prove myself to be the force I know deep down inside is the person I really can be.

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