Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When You Are Loved

I'll be the first to admit it's been tough. First I leave my home of twenty years with my two kids in tow and move from a state where have lived for fifty six. Then my younger son has a change of heart and moves back the first week. Then find out I haven't got a job any more...not even a halfway decent one which is what I expected. They wanted me to wait thirty days to see if they found anyone more suitable than me to work at a stinkin' steakhouse who uses plastic forks and knives. Gone is all our insurance and benefits not to mention my phat paycheck. I spent pretty much all the money I'd saved just getting us down here thinking I'd be going right back to work. It's only been a little over two weeks but was feeling frantic and deeply depressed.

I needed Cher, from Moonstruck to slap my face and say ...

Here's the thing about looking for a new job and needing it quickly. Everyone these days wants you to apply online, which I have. But every single time I had to put my date of birth in and scroll way back on that little spinning dial to the year 1960 absolutely knew that was probably the part where they quit reading my application. I mean let's be realistic about it. The year I was born the top shows on TV were The Flintstones, Perry Mason, The Beverly Hillbillies and Andy Griffith.

That doesn't exactly scream "Hire me" in the year 2016, especially for a fast paced and physically demanding job.

I know I can do it but they don't. Besides that I know I can do it well but once again they don't.

My sister gave me the first tip...don't say you have over thirty years of experience, say you have over ten. Good point and well taken.

My brother who has lived here for quite a while told me all the hot spots to apply for. All were "Apply online" so I did just that. He told me to go by a couple and introduce myself afterwards, and I did that too.

All I'm hearing back is crickets...

I took Massey for an interview this morning, came home and borrowed my neighbor's lawnmower. If there's one thing I can do... it's cut some stinking grass. We stopped by the gas station on the way home and  filled up a gas can. I told my neighbor he could have all the gas if he'd let me borrow his pushmower. Let me interject right here, it ain't easy pushing a yard in Florida, even a small one and especially after a hurricane. Holy Shitake Mushrooms!

My brother called me today to see how it was going and told him "Well if this is any indication, I applied for a Bar Back position yesterday." (basically a Bus Boy but at least  have the chest for it)

Then he said something  that turned everything 180 degrees.

He said "Don't you have that manager of yours from the airport who you're still really close with? Why not call and ask him to phone these places and give them a heads up that are missing out if they don't call you in for an interview and tell them a bit about your performance as a server?"


I shot him a text and asked him to call me when he could...and he did. I asked if he would call a few places where I'd applied and put in a good word for me.

His answer...

"Absolutely.  Actually I'd already been thinking about doing that."

So out of everyone who said they loved me so much and would miss me so dearly, one proved they really meant it.

He told me to email him all the places where I'd applied and would contact each one...tomorrow.

Slight White (what I call him) is probably one of the nicest people I've ever had the good fortune to meet and bonus points seems to love me too.

That's all I needed. That's all I wanted. Someone from my old place of employment to step up and out... for me. Someone to help get my tiny hoof in the door, any door. Someone to say I was a great worker and valuable asset, especially at the age of fifty six.

Oh, I so got this now...  or at least really think have a much better if not pretty good chance at getting on at a great job again and sooner than later.

When you are loved you are loved.

Just saying you love someone doesn't mean squat. Showing you love them speaks volumes, and then some.

And this guy has...time and time again.

If there's one person from my old job and my old life at the airport I knew I can count on, it's this guy. I'm not sure why I didn't think of asking him sooner except  was totally consumed, overwhelmed and tumbling into a depression I couldn't snap out of. I don't even think Cher could have done it, but he did.

He and Massey text all the time. He loves my kid and my kid loves him. She's always been smart in choosing her Besties.

So I got my grass cut and life figured out all in one afternoon. Sounds like a successful day to me!

It's a tiny house but a clean and neat house in a clean and neat neighborhood.

Going down on my knees tonight, which are both aching from pushing the front and back yard but giving thanks for family and people who love me.

I hope you all know, I love you too.

Fingers crossed and prayers going up.

I got this could I not with so many people loving me?

Till next time...COTTON

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