Saturday, October 22, 2016

That's More Like It!

I snuck outside tonight at closing to take this picture. The place is really nice anyway but absolutely beautiful at night. Then I turned around and took this picture of the Beacon digital tower located right outside of the restaurant which image's are constantly changing. It's massive and taller than the four story parking garage behind it.

I simply couldn't have landed in a better place at a better time. To be included in something great just as it's starting and be a part of their team from the very first month is awesome.

I was still a little nervous when I went in tonight. They had a huge 5k going on which began and ended right in front of the restaurant. Hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of people where everywhere. They had a bounce house for kids, booths set up everywhere and most streets blocked off. The restaurant is located in a fifty acre health and life science cluster with numerous hospitals, research, sports and educational facilities. It's just in the beginning phases and lucky for me get to be a part of it all.

I worked with the most amazing server tonight. She was cute as a button, always upbeat, always on point and always on the move. We think a lot alike and have same ideas about what it takes to be a good server.

My nerves fell quickly to the wayside. It got busy quick and I was there to try and help best I (with my four days of knowledge) could. She actually let me take a table tonight, just a two top while she carefully watched from a distance.

Like they say "It's just like riding a bike"... but the bike I was on was brand new, had all kind of new fangled bells and whistles, no training wheels and had never ridden one quite that nice without someone at least holding onto the back seat to keep me upright.

I was a little wobbly at first and a bit timid but felt a huge sigh of relief when they left me (her) over a twenty percent tip.

I have so much more to learn (tons) but think I can do this job well now, with direction, correction not to mention dedication and educating myself.

Dang... When I earn my next medical degree after this training again can go yonder up the road a piece to one of them four fancy hospittles round the restaurant and see if reckon they need another surgeon.

I can cut a straight line with a steak knife like nobody's bidness!

Til next time...  DR. COTTON


Aodhnait said...

Great to hear you got a new job. Good luck!

kelly cotton said...

Thanks so much!