Monday, October 10, 2016

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

Ham (the above pup) is our oldest. He's had a wrinkled face since his youth but so have I. We have a lot in common. He doesn't like change either... he's been blind since the age of six. I've been blind (sided) the past six years, more times than care to count. The last time I was unemployed was bad enough but at least was when you still just drove to, walked into a place and filled out an application with your Bic.

This time around, not only am I living in another state unable to drive five miles from the house without getting lost but also living in a time where everyone wants you to apply online first.

OMG Becky... you're killing me, Smalls. Notice how I combined "I Like Big Butts" with "The Sand Lot"?  At least I'm that up to date! (totally sad defense)

At least I still have a pretty sharp wit... unfortunately is about the only wit's I have left.

It takes me over an hour to even complete one application. I have to dig around to find which resume I want to upload since I have about six of them floating around on my computer and never know which one to click on. I'm terrible about remembering where I save things or how I did. I never write down passwords or usernames. I have about four or five of each that have to guess from because all are closely related... to make it easier for this old dog to remember.

Did I capitalize that first "M" or use the * as my one symbol? Did I use one of my three kid's or dog's name on that last one? Was I a Cotton, a Clampett or a Server?

I need a computer made by Atari.

Five buttons total on the computer...bonus points comes with an extra mouse.

I'm a wreck right now but luckily have a daughter who is young and wise beyond her years. She's my salvation and the tables have now turned. She has not only saved but kicked my butt into gear. I used to think she would be lost without me, now know I would be lost without her.

I'm the only one in charge of my destiny.

Thank goodness I have daughter who made me realize that.

She was a silent kid for almost seven years then somehow turned into a young woman who saved me from myself at the age of fifty six.

If  she could be happy after having me raise her, I must have done something right.

Isn't she lovely?

Thank You Massey...feel lucky to be your mom. You are the sunshine in my tears.



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