Saturday, October 8, 2016

Just a Hurricane in my Head Now

The hurricane came then slowly left. I didn't start to worry until our the neighbors started boarding up windows. We went the Clampett route...Duct Tape and lots of it. Moved everything out of the yard and off the porches and filled both bath tubs with water. We had plenty of water bottles and food to eat and three bags of ice in the freezer... just in case. A couple of our neighbors had some damage, one two doors down had their living room window shatter and a couple lost some siding. We never lost power so at least were comfortable as Matthew took his sweet time strolling by at 140 mph in the wee morning hours.

Now am just worried about the mental hurricane in my head... most definitely a category five and seemingly standing still.

I've applied for jobs at least ten different places and had one actual interview. I've had one restaurant group call me and say would be in touch.

I was already apprehensive about moving from our home of twenty years to a small rental house for twelve months before purchasing our forever home. I was nervous about leaving a state I've lived in for fifty six years. I was terrified of giving up the best job I've ever had which came with excellent and affordable benefits but felt a bit better knowing I could transfer with the same benefits and keep my seniority. I'd most probably take a salary hit but would be enough now that my husband was doing well.

At least I'd have a job.

Turns out, I didn't.

I've been devastated to say the very least.

It wasn't a cheap move. I had managed to save three thousand dollars for the move. I had another eight hundred in savings.

I'm down to three hundred bucks now with no job offer as of yet. Luckily I paid all my bills early before we left Georgia and only have the cell phone bill and my car note looming to be paid this month.

I am beyond dissapointed in the way this whole (supposed) job transfer went, which was nowhere. By the way my interview went will not plan on being hired at the Orlando airport and don't even think I want to be now. I drafted a letter to the home office of the conglomerate I worked for when in Atlanta, who owns the contract for the wonderful restaurant where I worked for almost three years. I've read, re-read and edited but simply putting it in the mail tomorrow. Will it do any good... highly doubt it, but will make me feel better.

I'm a fifty six year old woman who happens to be a waitress. We're not high in demand on the radar of employers but am going to give it the shot of my lifetime.

I scraped myself out of bed today, showered and slapped on some makeup. I headed to the Orange County Convention Center to apply for any possible job openings for a server. It's a huge and beautiful complex and while tooling slowly down Universal Blvd looking for it saw about ten other restaurants where I should also apply. I finally found the right parking lot, parked and hoofed it into the convention center looking for S212 near South Hall A. I finally found the door for Human Resources but was locked. I asked another man with a  OCCC badge on going my way where to go and he showed me. He also remarked, "Not sure they are open today, but this is the door you want."

You gotta be kidding me...

It's Saturday?

So I'm depressed and unaware of what day it is?

Come to think of it, the two probably go hand in hand.

At least now I know where I am going on Monday...two days away.

The place was booming with people and tremendous to say the least. It would also be a county job with county benefits. This is where I need to work.

I found my car again and left to go back to our rental house. I put our address into Maps on my phone and was lost in less than five minutes. I had taken 417 to 528 to get there but my phone wanted me to get on I-4 to go back home. I knew I should have asked Massey to come with me but wanted to do this on my own.

Bad decision.

Took me an hour to get home from a thirty minute drive... but I got there.

I'm not a fan of excuses. It seems cowardly to me.

Ole Ben was right.

I jumped to the conclusion I was done for... but I'm not.

I seem to want the destination instead of the journey...and looks like where I've been wrong.

Destined for greater and better just with more twists and turns along the way.

The only difference is the "He" is "Life".

Pray for us to survive!

Til next time...COTTON

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