Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Can Breathe Again

Guess I'm a slow learner. Looking back over the past few weeks has been very eye opening to me. Number one I worry way too much. Number two when am I going to realize that everything happens for a reason? Number three I need to have more faith in myself.

Massey went and voted early today and commented about how quickly it went so I went and did the same this afternoon. Here's the thing, I forgot to do any research about the locals running for office so did what I felt best and voted the majority of them out. Let's start over with some new crooks!

Then I went and got muh hurr did at the Great Clips up the street. I was a little nervous. When you already have short hair there aren't many options if they goof up. When I lived in Georgia had a great gal who cut my hair. The last time I visited she gave me some advice to make sure the person cutting my hair was comfortable with razor cuts. I signed in and asked if they did razor cuts?


The (very) young girl who finally called me back was cute as a button but just to reiterate asked on the way to the chair if she did razor cuts?

"No ma'am."

Thank The Lord she was at least honest. A guy cutting hair (almost through) said he did though and would be glad to cut it.

So now have a new fourteen dollar hair dresser! Also signed up for coupons and they are for $8.99 cuts...even better.

Now if I can just learn to take a decent selfie.

Came home and sat out back for a bit reading. October 26th and was a sunny 83 degrees, my favorite thing about this move. I watered all my house plants and the recently planted flower garden out front. (which is also coming up nicely)

Tim's still out of town so Massey and I met my brother for dinner at Chroma so could get his take on my new digs and pick up the check... Thank you, Chris!

The dinner just confirmed what a great choice I'd made. Both managers stopped by to chat, see how everything was and remarked how lucky they were to have me join the team.

The food and service was amazing. We had a communal dinner of  crispy charred orange drumsticks, lamb ribs with Korean barbecue glaze, lump crab spring rolls, Quail egg croquettes with Yuca, a chopped heirloom salad with bleu cheese, shrimp Plancha with Arbol chile glaze, local fish and chips with hand cut fries and a fabulous caper aioli, baked house meatballs with Parmesan and San Marzano sauce, smoked wings with Ancho chile rub, chilled asparagus with poached egg and Chroma sliders with short rib patties, cheddar, bourbon onions, bacon jam and dill pickle.

Everyone was stuffed and satisfied.

That's the way I feel now about my life...stuffed and satisfied.

The airport concessionaire (HMS) I worked for through Ecco hung me out to dry and left me hearing nothing but crickets... nothing happened and nobody at HMS helped. That's okay too (in hindsight) if they didn't want me I certainly didn't want to work for them. It was the humiliation which hurt the most and think I conveyed that pretty succinctly in the pretty long letter I mailed last week to the CEO at their national headquarters. I'll never hear back from them but you can bet your bottom dollar they heard from me, and should have.

After all we've been through and survived these past ten years am still the first one to freak out when something goes wrong, and freak out is putting it mildly. I'm an all or nothing kind of freaker... usually all.

Oh so right but oh so seemingly hard for me to remember.

I gotta work on that.

Our struggle was real but so were all the family, friends and people who helped us survive. They were truly our bridge over the troubled waters.

I've been up and then I've been down. Then I was really up, and up and up. Then I was suddenly down. Then I felt lower than down, but isn't that really what life is all about, the ups and downs? If you never have downs how can you learn to appreciate the ups?

At the tender age of way past fifty six think I'm finally getting it.

Life's tough, wear a helmet.

I'm almost there with my new job, just have to wait on the managers tomorrow (now today) and wow the crap out of them. Good thing I have my Ph.D in BS.

I don't know it all yet but didn't when I started with Ecco either. I got this. I'm gonna boss this job like a bee-otch... in six months tops.

Wish me luck.

Til next time...COTTON

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