Friday, October 21, 2016

It's All Good

I feel pretty ridiculous now about how depressed I let myself get, especially about losing a crappy job at a crappy steakhouse.

I just fininshed day four of training and feel more confident than ever that am exactly where I need to be. Not only is the place beautiful, food outstanding and management top notch...I'm coming onto the team in it's fourth week of operation and getting to help build something great.

 It's slick and chic, it's eclectic and electric. It's first class all the way and my ticket was free of charge.
I've already made a couple of  friends and hope the friendships grow just as I will as a server, being in an environment like this.

On day four have already learned so much from all the helpful people who have trained me, from back of the house to the bar to the front of the house. I still have so much to learn but learn it I will; not because I have to but because I want to.

They send you an email with your schedule and appears I have two more days of training then am on the floor. Couldn't be more perfect timing. I was worried would be two weeks but guess not!

Huge shout out of thanks for my brother pushing me about this particular place. When they didn't call me back immediately after applying online, he insisted I go by in person to introduce myself. I wasn't feeling confident but he kept calling me until I did...and got a job offer on the spot.

It takes me fifteen minutes to get to work, park go inside and clock in. That's a huge bonus compared to thirty minutes up the interstate, twelve dollar parking, shuttle ride to the terminal and going through security.

If you'd told me last week this time that would be this happy would have told you you're more nuts than I was (am).

I work another training shift tomorrow night, have Sunday off and go back on Monday for my last training shift. Unbelievably grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to years and years of service with this great group of folks. It has full benefits and 401k after a waiting period and can hardly wait. My oldest son, TJ worked for this group in Atlanta at Atlas located in the St. Regis in Buckhead and said he'd never had a better corporate experience. I look forward to having the same.

The food I've eaten has been absoultely delicious and luckily have two more training shifts to try even more.

I felt like having to quit my job at the airport was something bad but wasn't. It defined me as a server worth employing. I felt destroyed but it strengthened me to go out and shoot for the moon.

Til next time...COTTON

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