Friday, October 14, 2016

Cancer Sucks

My nephew just married the love of his life this past spring. This is Massey and her at the rehearsal dinner. Griff married a beautiful Hawaiian princess and our entire family has loved her from the first time we met her.

 She is even more beautiful on the inside which is a rarity these days, especially when you're already beautiful on the outside and almost look like a Kardashian.

She and Griffin are perfect together. They bring out the best in each other...which is exactly what true love is all about.

 I couldn't love my sister more if someone held me down with a gun to my head... and love her two boys just as much as my own.

When they hurt, I hurt.

And right now, we're all hurting.

Jamie's Mum died yesterday after a helluva battle with cancer.

 She recently uploaded this picture of herself with her mother when she was little. How more precious can a picture get?

It reminds me of losing my own mother and how much the early pictures mean.

A camera freezes time, gives you a glimpse of the past and something to physically hold onto forever.


This is the last  picture I have of me with my mother. I was thirteen. She died when I was seventeen.

Hold the ones you love more tightly and often. Never go to bed or say goodbye without telling someone you love that you love them.

Us Clampetts have never been rich but are wealthy beyond belief with love and in the end, love is all you need. We tell each other often and usually end every phone call with those three little but powerful words:

"I Love You"

Never count on's today which counts, in every fashion and in every way.

Death is eminent. We are born to die. Unfortunately we can't choose when.

Shouldn't that tell us all to live and love as ferociously as we can?

Jamie's Mum did just that.


Unfortunately there's nothing we can say or do to take away Jamie's overwhelming feeling of grief right now except to love her...and make sure to tell her that, often and always with a hug or kiss.

Til next time...COTTON

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