Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Welcome To The Neighborhood

Kind of getting used to living here. At least I know how to get to the grocery store, get to work and get to my brother's house. I still need GPS to get to our son's house about twenty miles away but at least making baby steps.

It's crazy but is like living in the same neighborhood in a different state. Back in Newnan I had my handy next door husband, Ron on one side to help me with all kind of stuff... here I have my handy next door boy toy, Justin. He and his girlfriend, both really nice and in their late twenties. I've already borrowed his push mower to cut our yards and seems to be pretty handy, always working on projects so look forward to our going steady while living here. On the other side we have snobs who have yet to wave or smile... just like back home! the one time they did come over was to ask Massey to move her car from in front of their house. For Pete's sake, we were still moving in!

Back home we also had our neighbor, Mr. "Slow"Lee. Retired military, up by four drinking Bud by eight and in bed by seven.Whenever I would cut my grass I would always cut theirs too, both are quite a bit older than me. He'd always lean over the bed of his truck smoking a cig watching me cut grass. Guess he's easily entertained. He watched everything and everybody and was our neighborhood self appointed watch dog.

Here, he lives across the street from us. We call him "Long"John. Tall dude who stands in his open garage all day, beer in hand while watching every one's every move. He has cameras mounted on every corner of his house and my boy toy tells me he often reviews the tapes. Another self appointed watch dog.

It's like I moved my entire life, neighbors included to Orlando with me.

Guess peeps are basically the same everywhere!

Tim left this morning for Ft Meyers and will be there until Friday night. Makes the house seem bigger with just two of us here. If I had to live here forever would go (more) nuts but only have eleven months to go and will start house hunting in about eight.

I'm off today and tomorrow and go live at work on Thursday working a banquet. I have to go in an hour early to wait on the managers as if they were guests to get the go ahead but think (hope) I'll do okay.

Tomorrow night Massey and I are meeting my brother Chris at Chroma for dinner, wanting to hear his take on the restaurant. I'm down to twenty bucks but Massey said she's treating. My money ($20) is on my sweet bro picking up the tab but told Massey I'd pay her back this weekend if not. They have me scheduled to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so will be nice to be bringing in some money again.

I  have also relentlessly battled the union from the ATL airport who took out over $500 in dues out of Massey's paychecks when she wasn't a member while working there and heard just this past week that are refunding (most of) the money to her.

Another thing is I left the keys to Massey's old car with a mechanic in Newnan when we moved and he has it fixed and ready to sell. I told him I'd split the money with him so have that (hopefully) coming too.

I'm looking at it this way. We used to be over ten grand deep in debt but are current now. Granted I have just twenty bucks left to my name but all the money I made and saved helped move us down here... and ain't cheap moving to another state. I gotta keep remembering the positive and let go of the negative although easier said than done.

I am a worrier by nature but slowly learning worry helps nothing but wrinkles and gray hair... doing helps, and doing just that!

I have a great new job with a great new place with absolutely great management and potential for financial gains, maybe even greater than my last gig.

Sometimes you have to believe in yourself even when you feel you don't.

I felt abandoned by my huge corporation employers at the airport and pretty much was. But the people I actually worked for, who cared about me came to my rescue and helped when I needed it most. My friends urged me on and my family has carried me through.

I may weigh ninety pounds soaking wet with a three piece corduroy suit with rocks in both pockets and platform shoes on but am a giant because I am loved.

I tried my best to pay a lot forward while rolling phat at the airport and has came back to me tenfold. In life you get what you give, all tied to the Golden Rule and one I try and live by. How can you expect people to love you if you don't love them first and often?

I was so depressed after finally getting here only to find out was suddenly unemployed and left hanging in the wind after three years of loyalty and hard work.

Then it happened.

It came back around.

I'm finally feeling okay. It took a minute (three weeks) but has also reminded me of the millions and millions who deal with depression on a daily basis. How awful for them that must be... to live in a mental cage they simply can't escape.

Once again... I'm one of the lucky ones. As for the unlucky ones, we need to address their problem and give them the support they need. I was freaked over not having a job for three weeks, they feel freaked just waking up every day.

Can we not all come together...right now?

I've rolled up slowly...who hasn't?

Til next time... COTTON

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