Saturday, October 1, 2016

Harder Than I Thought But Best For Us All

I came out of my week long funk today and told Massey we needed to go to the beach... and take Ziggy with us.

Charlie is a complete bitch and male. Ham is totally blind and knew he'd freak so loaded up Ziggy, put the nearest dog friendly beach into GPS and headed out.

Massey hasn't watched as much "Dog Whisperer" with Caeser Milan as I have, and was frantic when we got to the dog park, which made me frantic too.

It made Ziggy even more frantic.

She held him more tightly than Charles Manson would be on a day trip out of prison.

I finally told her was like me telling Zach he needed to stay here with us. The more you restrain them, the more they want to pull away.

Ziggy finally relaxed and think he kinda sorta enjoyed it. At least I did.

This new phase in our life will take some adjusting to.

You can't feel restrained, if do will feel like bolting.

By the end of it all, Zig was walking on his leash with slack and no pressure.

Life is pressure.

You need to let the slack give you time to breathe. You need to let yourself  breathe... regardless of all seemingly pulling against you.

My life is now what it is.

A new place with new possibilties.

I can ignore or explore them.

It's taken me a minute (or week) but know now don't need to pull against but relax and wait for it to happen.

If Ziggy can survive a day on the doggy beach for his first time, I can survive this new life too.

Love the roller skates, right up my time line alley.

If we've made it this far, don't ask me anymore...WE WILL SURVIVE!

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