Monday, October 3, 2016

Baby Steps...Beats Standing Still

I feel a little more secure in my new surroundings with each passing day. I've applied for about ten different jobs and actually had a pretty good interview today. My brother took us out to eat last week at one of his favorite restaurants and suggested to apply I did today.

It's hard being a fifty six year old waitress applying for a new serving job; most all are in their twenties and a heck of a lot more attractive.

Believe it or not, after filling out my application and them taking it to the back office; asked if I could wait to speak with the manager?

Total shock, heard!

At least they still wanted to speak with me after realizing was also probably a card carrying member of  the AARP.

The manager was a very nice woman, thankfully in her early thirties and closer to my age than away from.

She actually spent about twenty minutes talking with me and even mentioned which shifts were currently available.

Super shocked, heard!

At least I know now employment is an actual possibility.

I also got a phone call this morning about a job I'd applied for online and was told would be contacted shortly.

So I guess there is hope out there... somewhere.

Taking a break from my own problems tomorrow and driving up to St. Augustine to visit my mother in law who has recently been moved to hospice.

At least I'm not in hospice.

Doors have closed and opened for me these past few years but need to go visit someone who's final door is closing.

I've never met anyone other than Betty (my mother in law) who has no problem eating a burger with a boxer three inches from her face.

She's one of a kind... and kinda like me in more ways than one.

Wish me luck on my job search and wish Betty an easy relief from her own torment.

Til next time... COTTON

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