Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let The Party Begin

Made it home from work just after the stroke of midnight. Excellent way to start my birthday if you ask me!

Quick story about my ride to International today on the Sardine Shuttle. Working at the airport is certainly entertaining and there's never a dull day. Today was no exception.

I made it to the MARTA platform just as the train was pulling in and less than five minutes later was seated on the Sardine Shuttle. It was almost full but made it on. I took out my phone , checked my email and messages and sent a couple of messages as well. I could hear an Asian woman talking kinda loudly and her voice droned on and on as I was looking at my phone. I figured she must be excited about her trip abroad and was chatting with her fellow traveler. As we got closer to the terminal I closed my phone and drank all the water out of my water bottle so I could take it through security with me. I looked across the aisle from me and noticed who had been (and still was) talking so loud and animatedly in what sounded like Mandarin or "Chineekin."

The woman had on an airport uniform and was sitting right by the luggage rack. She was facing away from everyone else and seemed to speaking to the roof of the bus. The man next to her was simply staring at the floor of the bus and obviously wasn't with her. I noticed the young black girl (also an employee) seated next to me was trying not to laugh. I leaned over , whispered to her and asked if the woman had a blue tooth on? The girl started to giggle even more and shook her head no as the little Asian woman kept on ranting into the air. I asked who she was even talking to and the young girl said "Herself , she does it all the time."

You gotta be kidding me? We were almost to the International terminal, a twelve minute ride and she had been talking loudly the entire way, and still was.

I asked the young girl to move her purse off her lap so I could video this insanity. That made the young girl laugh out loud and quickly covered her face.

The older Asian woman was still chatting up a storm...with NO ONE!

Several passengers had also noticed and looked almost frightened.

I took out my cell again and put it on video. I held it straight at the woman (who never even looked at me) and she continued to ramble on in her native tongue.

I filmed for at least an entire minute before hitting the stop button.

The young girl next to me was literally cracking up and all the passengers were now just simply staring at the woman. It didn't bother the woman one bit, she continued to ramble the entire ride.

She had on a uniform for the the peeps who load food onto the planes.

I told the young girl sitting next to me, now wiping tears away that she could check in on Facebook in five minutes , I'd have it posted in no time on my wall.

We pulled into the terminal to get off and the woman was still talking loudly to NO ONE.

I've never seen passengers scramble off the shuttle so quickly.

The young girl and I walked in together and the she said "Oh, you'll see her on the shuttle all the time rambling to herself."

What kind of crazies are they hiring?

I know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to roll a cart of food onto a plane but would think her constant loud rambling would wave some kind of red flag.

I got to the restaurant and checked my phone in the back hallway.

Of course I hit the wrong button and only took a seven second video of my knees but trust me, next Wednesday I'll be looking for ole Looney Tunes on the shuttle and be ready to film it!

Work went great although ending up to be a really long shift and didn't get off til eleven.

Like the champ I now am, made the eleven twenty MARTA train back to the College Park station and was home by my birthday shortly after midnight.

So I'm now another year older.

Won't lie, it's been a tough year.

It feels good to be "Living" again!

Got home from work and Massey had cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom. (no small feat for MY Chica)

 She also bought me a huge bouquet of Sunflowers, renewed my Barnes and Noble membership card and bought me another Paulo Coelho book. (the author of 'The Alchemist')

So by now it's after one thirty.

 Doing what momma does. I'm folding one last load of laundry and having a drinky poo.

Headed over to my "Sista's" on my big day off for lunch with Massey and some of my sister's friends, then coming home and collapsing until Friday when  head back to Mama Lucia's for my weekly performance.

It feels wonderful to be loved!

Ain't THAT the truth?

So we haven't had a lot of money but have been flooded with love.

Guess that means we're RICH!

Thanks for following my journey and allowing me to share it with you.

I never thought at the tender age of fifty four would be starting over but am. At least I have Love backing me. That's a pretty powerful advantage!

Til next time...An Older COTTON

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Lauren said...

I see people talking to themselves all the time in LA. I once saw a man have argument with himself and then freaked out on himself. Maybe she was praying???? I don't know but i'm always so intrigued when I see people doing that.