Thursday, July 3, 2014

Feels Good to Wear Street Clothes!

I fell into bed around a little after two AM last night, early considering I didn't get home from work til after midnight. Scheduled off at my local restaurant on Thursday had volunteered to work at the airport.

By force of habit, woke up before seven this morning, struggled to remember what day it was and where and when I needed to be at work? Satisfied that it was indeed Thursday,  rolled back over and slept soundly for another six hours. I got up and sent a text to my manager at the airport asking if he needed me and chilled for another hour, horizontally. The dogs love it when I lay around like they do and hover right by me the entire time, not moving either.

Feeling somewhat normal I got up and left the house by two to run errands in case they called me into work. Sitting at the bank drive through got a text from the airport saying they didn't need me. Last night I was all psyched about working again and padding the kitty. Today I just wanted to lay around and pet my dogs.

The thing is you don't realize how tired you are until work suddenly comes to a stop and temporarily have your life back. Today is the first time in forty days I haven't been in a work uniform and felt good to be in shorts, flip flops and a tank top. Bad news is my toenails look horrible, desperately need painting and the corn on my left pinkie toe seems to have tripled in size.

I was gone for over three hours running errands and paying bills. By the time I got home felt exhausted again as I pulled into the subdivision. My spirits immediately lifted when I saw Tim had cut the front yard while I was gone, borrowing our neighbor's push mower. Johnny Dear broke a bolt on his decking last time I cut the front of the subdivision and is in the hospital (aka my next door husband's garage) while Dr.'s Zach and Kevin try to mend him.

We missed our garbage pick up last week so we're overflowing, mostly with flies. I stopped by Mama Lucia's while out and got a couple of the huge thick bags they use. I stuffed three bucks in Len's chef coat pocket before I left. Bless his heart, it's probably more cash than he's had in his pocket since last time I bought bags from him. Barb runs a tight financial ship.

I had to stop for gas on the way home from work last night and broke my last pair of cute peepers I wear at work to be able to read, write and use the computers. I stopped by Michael's and picked up three more pair. They were on sale and three pair for eight bucks!

I went by Home Depot to try and get a car key made for Tim. His is bound together by more duct tape than prom dresses those chicks are making and going viral with wearing. I was waiting for any guy in an orange vest to walk by the abandoned key making booth on aisle fifteen when suddenly felt so light headed I simply sat down on the concrete floor. Good news is I felt better after sitting down. Bad news is we'll need a locksmith for a new key.

Bought a Milky Way on the way out and made me feel a lot better. Junk always does.

Tim bagged up all the excess garbage when I got home and is grilling out burgers as I type.

I don't have to be at Mama Lucia's til five tomorrow so guess I can officially call this a vacation, certainly feels like one.

I'm gonna do my toe nails and finger nails. I'm gonna match socks (the mis matched sock basket is ridiculous) and live with all men. They'll put on two of ANYTHING which keeps the mis matched thing going...sheesh!

I'm gonna go all crazy and take a bubble bath, shave my European looking arm pits and legs and drink a cold one.

I'm still in disbelief that we're finally digging out of this hole we've been in for five years but refuse to deny it any longer.

Karma, Pay it Forward, Omens and simply being blessed have finally paid off. I won't say it hasn't been hard because it has, but has taught me more about life than any woman sitting on a beach in the south of France could ever read about in an issue of Cosmo.

Tomorrow I'll suit back up but today I'm just a momma. Talked with Massey as I was driving from place to place today. TJ poked his head in and chatted with me briefly while waking up from my twelve hour slumber. Zach came home after surgery on my Johnny Dear in the neighbor's garage and thanked me for sewing up a pair of his butt ripped work jeans. Tim's got the burgers ready and I'm gonna stuff two down.

You know what? Seems I've been a winner all along.

Til next time...COTTON

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