Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Long Day...But Good

Got to the Marta station this morning and squeezed my borrowed little truck into a space pretty close to the station considering it was a week day battling "Nine to Fiver's" headed into Atlanta for work. I bet I pulled up and backed out ten times before I finally slipped into the spot....and was driving a little Ford Ranger.

I guess whoever designed the parking lots at Marta stations never drove a car bigger than a Ford Pinto. Finally feeling secure  I was straight enough into the spot got, out and made it to the train platform just as my next ride whizzed to a stop. Five minutes later I was actually allowed to climb aboard the Sardine Shuttle even though the "Suitcases" (that's what I call the passengers) were lined up fifteen deep behind me. Sometimes I think the lazier drivers want to leave them by the curb with their HUGE bags hoping they will turn around, go back into the terminal and take the Plane Train to the International Terminal while they take the rest of us over on the shuttle, never even having to get out of their driver's seat or lift a heavy bag onto the shuttle.  Works for me!

Yep, it's gonna be another good day.

Worked until three and then had to go to a Fifth Group orientation for new employees. I wasn't looking forward to it, between three and four thirty is when I make most of my money but was required to go. It had been slow and was beginning to pick up quite a bit but still made over $150 so felt better about having to go. The down side was the meeting was from three to six.

Jeez, I'm already a Brain Surgeon...were they going to make me a Nuclear Physicist now too?

The orientation was given by the executive chef of Fifth Group, a woman I met early on in my original training period and hit it off with.  There were only four of us in the three o'clock meeting. She had fried chicken tacos, guacamole, salsa, queso and tortillas brought in for us from The Original El Taco to eat and immediately felt better about it.

I love an "Eatin Meetin!"

Basically it was to familiarize us with Fifth Group's concept and "Vision Statement."

She's an extremely smart woman and not only was I fed (always love free food) but totally enlightened.

Their Vision Statement seemed more like "Words to live by" to me. (Literally)

Here's just a few which really struck me.

"We must practice honesty and and sincerity, by doing so, we honor the diversity in people and are respectful of others in our interactions."

"We must actively pursue and embrace the progressive development of new knowledge, understanding and skills and not be reluctant to accept new times, trends and opportunities."

"We must be philanthropic by sharing our time, knowledge , experience and, when necessary, our money. By taking ownership and being self-accountable, we will  perpetuate goodwill with the people with whom we interact and the communities in which we operate."

"Passionately move people and provide the opportunity to experience joy."

Okay, maybe the really young girl sitting next to me didn't get it and thought it was hokey...or as my daughter would say "Totes boring" but fascinated me.

I came out three hours later, belly full and feeling slightly brain washed, but in a good way!

So I got a new job.

Sometimes, most of the time... it  is a pain in my butt getting to and from and a few of the TSA make it feel like I'm trying to sneak into the Oval Office with a rocket launcher or with a bomb hidden in the sole of  my Dansko.

But eight weeks after starting this new tedious gig, ALL our bills are not just caught up but rapidly diminishing.

Yeah it's great to have this chance to make Phat money but all my thanks go the The Big Guy upstairs. At times, I thought in the back of my mind maybe He was getting Alzheimer's too but turns out He just wanted me to realize nothing in life is guaranteed.

Take life for granted and you will end up sorely disappointed.

Take life by the horns, and although may be a struggle, will be rewarded... maybe not as soon as we'd hoped but we're not on our own time clock. We're on His.

Crashing into bed, can sleep til nine and then get up and do it all again.

Beats the alternative of NOT waking up and having another chance.

Til next time...COTTON

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Lauren said...

God was also waiting on you to come work for a company that seems truly genunine and not to much apart of the corporate hole that most companies are. Relationship building company. I love it.