Friday, July 25, 2014

This Computer is Spooking Me!

For the first time in quite a while, every bill is paid up to date and feel pretty good about it. The new job is still an effort but has blessed us beyond belief.  I still have a lot to learn but now feel confident I am up to it. I've never been a quitter.
Tim's also making decent money and has many opportunities to advance in his new job.
I don't buy much for myself but after a huge fight with Zach the other night over the computer he built decided I simply wanted my own. I bought the cheapest one they had. It was listed at a little over $400 and got it for $315. A dear friend of mine came in Friday night and left me a gigantic tip on an eleven dollar tab and refused to take any change back. I even followed him out the door of the restaurant trying to give him change. With the money I made at Mama's on my double shift added in only had to come out of pocket $100.
One of Zach's buddy's was at the house when I got home with it and helped me set it up. He was all excited to see it had Windows 8.1 which meant absolutely nothing to me except that the number was higher than the one we'd been using.
Boy was I wrong!
He helped me set everything up and plugged in all the wires then led me through set up.
Holy Crap! It's like I bought a huge iPhone that does everything except make calls.
Zach's buddy got all excited when the home page came up filled with colored blocks but simply just confused me. I thought I bought a computer but looked like I had bought a nuclear device or at the very least something containing the Davinci Code.
Here's my reasoning for buying it.
For the past four or five years have limped through life day after day after week after week after year after year.
My one release and escape from it all  has always been and remains to be my Blog. It's really just me writing but means MUCH more to me.
I can come home from work exhausted but will sit for two hours typing and feel immense satisfaction when I finally hit that "Post " button.
I may be old school but DO realize this blog is my modern day journal and will be around long after I'm gone.
We caught the mortgage up, paid all the bills and even paid a few people back. I started a savings account and even paid off my car which still isn't ready (although my big bro helped me with that one) and still have enough to begin to pay him back.
It was time to do something for me. I needed it. I wanted it...and I went out and got it.
Now if I just knew how to use it!
It took me two days to figure out how to make a call on my iPhone when I got it and still don't know how to use most functions but only cost me a dollar so I felt lucky.
I'm still working seven days a week and still getting ahead but just needed to pat myself on the back for once and my own computer seemed like the best way. We needed a family computer so Zach could move his own into his bedroom and cut out all the fights we've had lately over it.
So now I have a computer but don't have the faintest clue as to how to use it to its full potential.
Lucky for me, Massey comes home from her job as a camp counselor this weekend and has a week to teach Wilma Flintstone how to navigate her  Jane Jetson computer before we move her back to college for her sophomore year.
This new job has blown my mind away and my bank account up.
I got extremely lucky and was noticed by the big wigs at Fifth Group (our elite parent company) when I got shopped twice in eight days, making an almost thirty point improvement in  my score. I'm not just a number or vague employee to them. I'm Kelly Cotton and they know who I am! I'm the old granny they took a chance on hiring who got shopped on her very first day on the floor with a score of 78. Then eight days later knocked it out of the park with her next one.
I feel more secure now, still tired but if anyone deserved a new cheap computer, it was me so went out and got me one!
I haven't bought anything for myself in quite a while and felt elated when I actually could.
I worked two back to back double shifts here in Newnan at Mama Lucia's on my two days off from the airport and now have to be back at the airport by eight thirty Saturday morning to begin again there.
Yeah, I deserve this new fangled don't know how to use for squat contraption!
I planted the seed today at Mama's when talking with the owner after the other server who was supposed to work with me allowing me to leave early  called out and told him I needed to go down to just working Fridays because  was beginning to wear thin and needed one day off.
His demeanor immediately changed, and not for the better.
I guess I'll take that as an off handed compliment.
I am scared silly of quitting Mama's but a very dear friend told me this:
"You've been a good employee for them and yes they have been good to you, but this isn't about them's about you. Take care of yourself."
Yes it's a lot harder getting to and from work now and shifts are sometimes over twice as long but my money has doubled and often times tripled. I'd be a complete idiot not to go with it full time, leave the local job and have two days off for not only my self but for my sanity and still have a fifty percent increase in pay.
I'm making the choice, choosing my own direction and letting the cards fall where they may.
They'll either be happy for me or they won't.
That will have to be their choice.

 They may hate me leaving but have a feeling they will always love me. I will certainly always love them!
Til next time....COTTON

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