Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where'd All the Real People Go?

Had an excellent day. Went by the mechanic's on my way to work and made the last payment on my new used car which have been trying to get for two years. He'll install the transmission this week and hopefully by next week will actually HAVE my own car to drive.

The entire ordeal has been a nightmare but think I'll like it once I am actually sitting behind the wheel and driving it.

Putted up to the airport in my next door husband's borrowed little truck and got the first parking spot by the train station entrance.

NOW we're getting somewhere! All the Jehovah's Witnesses were long gone and made the second Sardine Shuttle. It was a tight fit but at least just a twelve minute ride. I could feel the "Big Boy" sitting smack dab next to me breathing on me he was so close.

Made it through security and into the atrium with almost twenty minutes to spare. I had time to go to the restroom, fill up the empty water bottle I brought through security and send a couple of text messages. The cable company wanted a payment, told them I'd pay online when I got off work, fluffed my hair and clocked in seven minutes early. Got all my opening duties done and since it was slow took my break and went to eat for free in the atrium. Had a nice healthy meal of two chili steaks and fries from The Varsity and was back at work in fifteen minutes.

It was the slowest shift I've worked yet but clocked out around nine thirty making $192.00.

Made the MARTA train just as the doors shut and was back in the little truck by ten after ten.

Came home and decided to pay the cable bill first.

What a joke. I couldn't even log in, rejected my username AND  password so spent ten minutes resetting both with an animated woman guiding me through the process only to be kicked off for too many tries to log in. I finally gave up and used the phone, talking with yet another animated voice. Finally got the bill paid. They sure make it hard to take your money! It made me miss the days of calling the cable company and at least speaking with an actual person, even it if was a man named Apu in Indonesia.

Then I began my "Pay It Forward" campaign again. I know my boss, Barbara now realizes this new job is one I have to keep. For all her faults, her one fascinating virtue is absolutely loving not only me but my entire family. The past four years has helped us out so much I almost feel embarrassed but instead feel eternally grateful I had my Mama Lucia's family to rely on. She's a huge wine snob and knows her stuff. The only thing I know about wine is I like to drink it. At my airport job we have a pretty extensive wine list and their best Cabernet is from the Hawkes Vineyard in  Alexander Valley, California.  They are the only restaurant in Atlanta who sell it by the glass. Twenty four dollars for one six ounce glass. If you ask me, for that price it should make you hallucinate.

I had her husband, Len covered with his three seasons of Breaking Bad I got him but was stumped as to what to get Barb when I thought of the Hawkes Cabernet. Everybody tries to buy Barb things but she's pretty picky and her tastes are normally out of my price range. I wanted to do something really special for her considering all she's done for us and wanted it to be something she would truly enjoy. I had told her about the wine when I first started working there and immediately asked what rating it had? Heck! I didn't know, but after a quick search on her husband's office lap top found out it was a 97.5.

I'm not too sure what all that means but sounds like an "A" to me and she even arched an eyebrow when I told her. I found it on line last night and had a bottle shipped to her at Mama Lucia's.

She has helped us pay our mortgage probably three or four times over the past four years and sometimes waited two weeks for me to pay her back. When we were at our weakest point, gave me all the short rolls of toilet paper out of the restrooms at work and at least once a month brings me a bag of things she "Says" she doesn't need or can't wear. Camisoles, tank tops, socks, pants, skirts and some of them still have price tags on them.

It's not like I've gone out and bought her a new car or paid somebody to secretly "off" her husband. She acts like he's a thorn in her side but know she truly loves him, just as I do.

I know I've left them high and dry on the server side and were both disappointed when I took another job but like I told them: "This isn't about you, it's about my family and what's best for us at this point in our lives."

Zach went to Mama Lucia's to eat with friends the other night for his birthday. One of our regulars, another great person I met while working there paid for Zach's entire table's tab for his birthday.

This wonderful man also paid for the central air in our house to be fixed last year when we were broke as jokes and was what felt like a billion degrees outside. I'd hate to guess how much that cost him but refused any payment and the A/C is still running like a charm.

Zach came home from his birthday dinner and told me about Thomas buying their entire meal. He asked me what he could do to repay his kindness and generosity so  told him about the Hawkes Cabernet and said we could split the price of a bottle since I really owed him too.


Paying it forward once again.

I can't believe I waited so long to take my friend's advice and join her at this new restaurant. Like I've said before, if you have enough money to fly to Greece for a month you certainly have enough money to eat an upscale meal before boarding the flight.

I still have so many to "Pay Forward" and doing it slowly, but surely.

This time four weeks ago we were two months behind on our mortgage. I made one payment online last Friday and will be able to make another one tomorrow night when I get home from work.

My list is long, very long and may take me a while, but have a little book where I have everything written down.

My brother, sister and brother in law top the list but are family and won't mind waiting a bit. That's the way my family is and most probably the reason we survived.

The relief I feel is immense. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I still wake up tired but now it's a good tired.

What I WAS tired of, was feeling constantly distraught slipping into an abyss of depression and despair.

Life's not really much fun that way but sometimes you have to take the bumpy road to find the high road.

It's been an over five year struggle but we're "off to great places" and our mountain is waiting!

Find me somebody to love? Not a problem! Just watch this...

Oh Freddie Mercury, you always nailed it!

Til next time...COTTON

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