Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's the Little Things

I was scheduled off at the restaurant here in Newnan so picked up a dinner shift at the airport. Left the house in time to stop at the gas station and get a large Coke Icee for the hot trek to the airport.

Once again the MARTA gods smiled on me and found a pretty close spot to the train entrance on my first drive through. The Sardine Shuttle was almost maxed out but slipped in between two dudes and made it to work ten minutes early. It's the little things like rapid transit going your way and being able to squeeze into a tiny spot in the Sardine Shuttle to make me feel like my day's going good.

Started out kinda slow but as the Paris flight departure got closer we got slammed. I didn't leave the restaurant until 11:20 but made over $230 on my day off and had twenty minutes to catch the 11:40 MARTA train back to the parking lot. It's a sad feeling when you miss the 11:40 because then you have to sit for twenty minutes for the next one at midnight.

I have it down to an exact science now  and a mere thirty seconds makes a huge difference.

I work way out on Concourse F and have to ride all the way back through gates E to A, then past the T gate to the last stop, ground transportation. I hustled all the way down to the first train which lets you out closest to the escalators you climb two at a time up to the terminal when the Plane Train doors open then half jog to the MARTA station another three minutes away and flat out run up the escalator steps. Most passengers don't know this, so the first car on the Plane Train is always packed with employees, all thinking the same thing "Let me make the 11:40!"

Everybody on the first Plane Train is looking at their watch or cell phone and planning their early escape when the doors open. One TSA guy keep telling another TSA guy how many minutes we had left every time it made a stop at the next gate making my tired old woman self more and more nervous.

I "HAD" to make that train!

The doors opened at ground transportation and we all elbowed each other to get out first. It looks more like a starting gate at a racetrack opening.

I beat the two even older TSA guys to the escalator and hot footed it up. They were close behind but chose the South terminal way instead of the North terminal way. One of the girls I work with told me she and another friend tried both ways, timed it and found the North terminal saved you at LEAST ten seconds.

Huffing and puffing through the MARTA turnstile and up the next escalator I made the 11:40 with about ten seconds to spare. My TSA buddies weren't so lucky.

I kept a watch on the time while driving home. By the time midnight hit and the next train was pulling into the MARTA station, I was already back in Coweta County just ten minutes away form the house.

It's the little things!

Working at the airport has certainly been a continuous and ongoing adventure. It's like working in another realm.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a double shift here in Newnan but luckily have to leave the house only ten minutes before clocking in.

Yes, it's the little things!

Then it's back to my other realm on Saturday morning.

I got this!

I've been able to make two mortgage payments since working at the airport and now we are at least caught up. We're not ahead yet..but will be soon.

My car should be ready by this next week and can quit sponging off my next door husband for transportation. That will be another huge relief. I keep expecting to see a For Sale sign in their front yard every morning I trek over to his house to get in his little truck.

I have my "Thank You" blog saved in drafts but will post it soon. It keeps getting longer every time I think of someone else who has helped us survive this over four year journey. It may end up being as long as the Uni bomber's manifesto!

Yes I'm still tired and working too much but the feeling of getting caught up and closer to being ahead is euphoric and make every day and every shift easier.

I think this picture was taken at our wedding when the minister was asking us to repeat "For better or worse, richer or poorer."

Thank goodness I was listening!

This journey has been long and often though it would never end.

I finally think it has, and look forward to what the future holds for us.

Tim is gainfully employed again full time and in a place where he can advance.

I think my only regret is leaving Mama Lucia's full time. I feel like I am deserting them which in a way, am. But it was us or them and know they understand. They've already come around and think it is now just simply unspoken but understood.

I'm not one to forget when someone has helped me and this family has helped me out time and time again. They will always have my gratitude and sincerest admiration.

They're not too happy to lose me but know they are happy I'm moving ahead. Heck, it's a compliment to know they'll miss me.

Til next time...COTTON

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