Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Terms of Endearment Fo Shizzle

Today was my Friday and actually get a day off tomorrow, my second one in fifty three days. They didn't need me at Mama Lucia's on Thursday so have the entire day to myself before working a double shift on Friday there. I'm kinda pumped about it!

It was really slow at the airport tonight and got off before ten but still managed to make $170.00 so I was happy.

Clocked out and had eighteen minutes to make the ten o'clock MARTA train. Used all my short cuts and moves to try and make it. Now that I knew I had another day off coming was all excited about getting it started!

The Plane Train seemed to take forever, had to wait 1:47 for it to show up at Concourse F for the trip back to Ground Transportation because I had just missed the last one. Reached Ground Transportation with four minutes to spare. Hiked it up the escalator and turned left. Got about fifteen feet when I realized I should have turned right, or so I thought. I turned around and flat out ran back to the left to make up for my goof. I reached the station entrance and realized I had taken the way which takes one minute longer. Took the escalator steps two at a time and reached the top of the stairs as the MARTA train left.

At least now I had twenty more minutes to get my heart rate back under control. After five minutes of hyperventilating I took my badge paperwork out of my nifty clear plastic purse and filled it out. My badge expires on the last day of the month and can't get through security without it. Even though I've only worked there a few short weeks, your badge always expires on your birthday and mine is at the end of the month. My manager was nice enough to pick up my paperwork from HR when he was there for a meeting today, saving me a forty five minute trip to HR before heading to the security office for my badge renewal.

The train finally arrived and  clamored aboard immediately huddling against the far door to be the first person off at the next stop, College Park where I park my next door husband's still borrowed little truck.

There were two young men huddled right by me too so figured they were thinking the same.

Here's the thing about riding MARTA, especially at night  and especially from the airport. Most are employees and seventy percent of them are black. Twenty percent are either Asian, Latino or Middle Eastern descent. Ten percent are Whitey's like me.

I was apprehensive about riding MARTA late at night when first started this job but have NEVER felt threatened or scared but usually just tired like the other riders wanting to get get home.

These two young men were both talking on their cell phones, one more loudly than the other. For Pete's sake you would have thought he was using two tin cars tied together by a string instead of a cell phone. They were both tatted up with sideways cocked hats, pristine sneakers and fake Rolex watches. The fish hook through the eyebrow was a nice touch too. They seemed harmless and really not so bad but the one loud talker had me trying  hard not to laugh outloud.

His conversation (I promise you) went something like this while surrounded by mostly black people around my age or even older.

"Sheeet, I told that nig*a I was bouncin' ova to the crib tonight soon as I could get off this GOT dam train! You know em, he's a good nig*a but can't wait for pop. Remember that nig*a we met with the cute youn thang wid da squeeky voice? Yo, that's the one! NAWW, she got a girlfriend but ain't all dyked up, just kickin' it fo trix."

He went on and on and on using the "N" word minus "ER" but adding an "A" and was talking about people he LIKED and  considered friends! All the while surrounded by at least fifty black people old enough to be his father or mother. None of them looked up or at him but seemed to just ignore him and his comments. I kinda felt sorry for them. Here this young guy is using the worst racial slur I've ever heard in my life like it's nothing.

I wanted to say "Nigg* PLEASE! Have some respect, you're insulting not only me but your OWN people!"

But since  were both obviously getting off at the first stop with me,  just shook my head and stared at the floor like most everyone else.

What are these young kids thinking or better yet, ARE they?

They didn't MEAN to insult or disparage and actually talking about people they liked, just in the most politically incorrect manner I've ever heard... over and over and over in a train packed with folks who obviously weren't their "Homies" because not one person slapped them on the back or offered a high five.

Dang young people are stupid sometimes and don't mean just these two black guys.

They (young people) all seem to feel entitled instead of responsible for their actions.

So I exited the train with them both still talking on their phones, oblivious to what all fifty of us had just heard.

What made me feel a BIT better was when one of them let me go through the turnstile first on our way out of the MARTA station.

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow and don't tell my fam but after a day of getting bills paid, yard work done and Muh Hurr Did (as the guy's girlfriends on MARTA would say) am planning on making fajitas with all the homemade trimmings. Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, refried beans with sour cream and jalapenos and Spanish rice.

It will be an excellent day off. This girl is getting used to being happy and feels absolutely wonderful!

Til next time...COTTON

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