Thursday, July 17, 2014

Staycations Are the Best!

Oh I had all kind of plans for today. I was going to the airport to renew my badge early then stop by my old stomping grounds and former place of employment for a yummy Johnny's Special.
I stumbled out of bed around ten and actually think I heard my bones creak. I went into the kitchen for a big glass of Nestle' Quik and let our pup, Ham out.

I decided to go back to bed while I planned my day. I decided since I didn't have to work at the airport today it would be silly to waste the gas to drive up there to renew my badge and would just go into work early on Monday and do it before my shift. Lucky for me there are Johnny's Pizza's every where now and could swing by the one next to the grocery store. So I wouldn't see my old friends but would save ten bucks in gas.

After finally deciding to watch the back of my eyelids for four more hours instead, felt immediately better about my day.

Climbed into my rental truck which have been  renting for free ninety nine a day for over a month now and went to pay a couple of bills. Skipped Johnny's and went to Kroger to buy all the fixins' for chicken fajitas.

By the time I got home to begin all my grand plans it was a little after four o'clock so just decided to start with dinner instead.

Made Pico de Gallo and Guacamole, refried beans with habanero, japs and sour cream and sliced up five chicken breasts, red, yellow, orange and green peppers, onions and roma tomatoes.

Now I was getting somewhere!

Zach ate, twice and Tim did too when he got home from work. I'm eating a couple then putting everything up into tupperware for tomorrow and getting busy with tweaking the house. Tim and Zach have both been a tremendous help around the house but as any woman knows, that just means my job is halfway done for me. Hey, halfway means a lot to me!

The entire house is vacuumed thanks to Tim but told him I would mop the kitchen and finish up some laundry.

Having everything halfway done is HUGE and makes my job much easier. I LIKE being "The Tweaker." Makes me feel I almost know how to "Tweet" which I don't.

Ironing a work shirt for tomorrow's double at Mama Lucias and another one for the airport on Saturday morning.

Tim rolled the trash out for pick up tomorrow when he got home from work. Just got through emptying all the other waste baskets in the house and garage and added them in a big bag on top of the full can at the street. Once again, my job was half way done.

Just cause I'm feeling all frisky after my fourteen hour nap am gonna mop the kitchen and maybe even go crazy and match socks out of the always growing "Misfit Pile" on top of the dryer.

You know what? Nothing seems to bother me now.

I've always said money is over rated and is, but to be able to pay bills not only on time but in advance is almost making me feel giddy.

Tried to get "muh hurr did" today too but both women I trust to cut my hair were off. It's not like I needed to look good to cook and clean so will stop by tomorrow on my break between shifts. When you have hair cut as short as mine you need to be careful when getting a $14 hair cut. I mean what are they gonna do if they screw it up, shave me bald and start over?

For people who loyally read my blog and for people who actually know me, let me say  "Thank You" for following my journey.

Sometimes this blog was the only happy place I had to go to but you all listened and sent encouragement.

I sat and typed through the winter and finally found an answer. It was a hard adjustment and felt like I was out of my league but now understand.

God shut a window on us but opened a door. We just had to wait for Him to open it.

Signing off as the The most grateful COTTON in the world!

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