Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Trial By Fire!

It was bound to happen, just been waiting for it to. I've been feeling pretty good about how I've handled this new job and so far have managed to "go with the flow."

The "Go" overflowed today, big time!

I'm all about omens and had a  bad one first thing this morning at six thirty. Like an idiot am still using my cell as an alarm and without my peepers on this morning hit "Off" again instead of "Snooze." I woke up and it was seven fifteen, when  am supposed leave at seven twenty. I washed my face and hair in the sink, brushed my teeth, put on some deodorant and was out the door by seven twenty five. At least all my clothes were clean.

Traffic bogged down a bit on the interstate but clocked in just nine minutes late after luckily snagging a spot in the parking lot at MARTA, flat out running to the station and easing into the train as the doors shut. I had my makeup with me in my nifty clear plastic purse.

Another opening server was already there, the other one never showed up.

We knocked out getting everything done and by nine fifteen both clocked out to go to Atlanta Bread Co for our free food.

You have to clock out with your card, tell the system you are taking a break and it shoots out a little chit you take with you for your free meal.

We got on the Plane Train to go to concourse C when my friend asked if I had my chit with me?

Bad omen number two.

I could still visualize it sitting on top of the printer at Ecco waiting for me to tear it off.

Luckily I had stuck a ten in my back pocket in case I ordered over my $9.00 limit. Heck, they got great sandwiches, but all kind of pastries and fresh fruit too. A ten hour shift makes a skinny girl hungry.

I gave her my ten and let her buy me a sandwich when she ordered her own meal.

We got back and through eating right at ten o'clock to open the store and bad omen number three showed up.

She had gotten there first so got the first table. I looked up next to see ten women waiting to be seated with me. After that it never stopped.

The other opening server never showed up so just she and I ran the entire restaurant, with Murphy's Law kicking us in the butt the entire day.

On top of that several of the big wigs from Fifth Group came in for a meeting with our new manager in training and sat at a table out on the patio, in plain view of all that was going on.

I thought we could fake/make it until the "Mid" person came in at one thirty to rescue us. One thirty came and went and was still just me and my buddy.

By two o'clock I had so many tables I had a hard time keeping them straight.

Then it was time for the Paris flight to board. Suddenly everyone needed their check. I'd take them their check and they'd sigh and say they needed separate checks.

I made a MAJOR goof and ran a card on the wrong table. Luckily the other table paid cash and was only eight bucks difference between the two tabs. I simply split it off onto another tab and decided to deal with it later. I'd have to pay the eight bucks but just felt lucky I was still standing at this point.

On top of this I have a table of Fifth Group people watching me.

I was sweating like California Chrome crossing the finish line but no where near done with the race.

It got me totally flustered when I flubbed up and took me thirty minutes to somewhat regain my composure.

My manager (bad cop) told me I needed to slow down and take my time when using  the computer. I simply said "Yes Sir, you're right." (which he was, but I was freaking out in a big way)

My face was hot from humiliation. Yes I screwed up but they BEST be glad I didn't break down in tears and cry for my momma. I was a wreck trying to keep it together as the tables continued to pour in as the Paris flight people exited.

A little after three o'clock the "PM" servers started to get there and the "Mid" server decided to show up.

I had sweat running down my back and arms but my only big screw up was the credit card goof. That was still on my mind but would either figure it out or just pay for it out of pocket later.

As things began to calm down one of the women from Fifth Group looked up as I was cleaning a table near them and said "That was pretty crazy."

I was in the back dumping some dishes in the kitchen when the new manager in training came up and commented "You guys did good handling all that."

You know, that's all you need sometime... a verbal pat on the back!

We got the place cleaned up and the PM shift took over.

I was absolutely dreading talking to Bad Cop about my big goof and had already sent up several prayers I wouldn't be fired on the spot.

Dang, I was THIS close to having all our bills caught up and threw it all away with my own careless screw up!

I did everything I could besides talk to him about my goof up. I helped get everything cleaned up and ready for the next shift best I could.

Then there was nothing left to do but "meet the maker." I asked my manager I needed him to try and fix my goof, if he could?

He's not Bad Cop anymore, he's my saving grace!

It took him a while and was very patient with me. He saved my skinny doofus self and fixed it all. He remarked I hadn't added gratuity to the check but told him that was the very least of my worries.

I call him Bad Cop but is actually a wonderful man. He has a very easy way about him, never gets flustered (unlike me) and makes everything (like today's shift) look like a walk in the park.

So I got my butt trounced thoroughly today with all the big wigs from corporate watching.

Not a good feeling.

But when all was said and done, I did okay. Heck, I've worked there a little over eight weeks but if can survive today, can thrive in the coming weeks, months and maybe even years!

Yep, I had my butt handed to me on a plate today. (ignore the 08 reference although  think that's pretty funny too)

I was walking out of the concourse today after clocking out exhausted when ran into one of the cooks on my way out. He's older, not as old as me but close. He said "You done good today girl."

You know what? Not only was that extremely nice of him to say, but he's right!

I'm gonna do better tomorrow and even better the next day.

I am so extremely and profoundly grateful to have this job, which in a few short weeks bailed us out of a hole and has us peering over the edge of it.

 I used to be broke and kinda sad. Now I am an empowered person with the ability to move not only on but upwards.

BRING IT!  I'm ready.

Til next time...COTTON

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