Monday, July 14, 2014

It Really IS a Small World After All

Made excellent time today on the way to work. Pulled into the MARTA station and right by the entrance was a guy pulling out of a spot. Yes please and thank you!!

MARTA was obviously still on a weekend schedule because I had to wait twenty minutes for a train which is supposed to run every ten. Thanks to my luck finding a parking spot had plenty of time so just checked emails on my phone and called Mama Lucia's for my work schedule there this week

Got on the first Sardine Shuttle but the driver was busy flirting with another co worker and seemed like it took forever for him to take off. Guess they were on the MARTA schedule too.

Clocked in early anyway (no thanks to them) got all my duties done and started taking tables around two o'clock. Once again the tipping gods and people leaving for Paris smiled on me and had a lucrative night.

One of my last few tables was a couple heading home to Montreal who's flight had been delayed. I thought about asking them if they knew my friend, Little Frenchy from Mama Lucia's who grew up there but thought that sounded lame. It would be like me being in an airport in Montreal and my server saying "I know a lady in Atlanta, maybe you know her!" The odds would be slim to none.

The couple was very nice and easy to talk with. After they finished their meal and bottle of wine decided to ask the obviously stupid question anyway.

 I told them it may sound stupid but had a dear friend who grew up in Montreal and maybe they had heard of her.

I told them had been her matron of honor at her wedding a few months back and met all her family at the wedding and were all delightful people.

I told the woman I was horrible with French pronunciations so wrote Little Frenchy's last name down for her. "De Repentigny"

The husband smiled and said that was in fact the name of a town they knew of. His wife then said she knew a Ginette De Repentigny who was a travel agent in Montreal.

Get out of town! Frenchy had a sister named Ginette I met at her wedding and could almost swear she had told us she was a travel agent, while swinging my son, Zach around the dance floor at the reception. She was a cute little tiny thing and took up most of my son's time dancing with him all night. They had a great live band (the groom was a musician and friends of his performed) and was hands down the best reception we've ever been to.

It was starting to slow down at work and told the couple I would step out and call my friend to ask for sure.

I called their house and the groom (now husband) answered. I asked if Little Frenchy had a sister Ginette who was a travel agent in Montreal? He said in fact she did!


How crazy is that?

They had used their sister's travel agent to book their trip and had been Ginette, Zach's dancing date from the wedding.

It really IS a small world we live in!

The woman commented she couldn't believe she actually ended up knowing who I was talking about, Montreal is such a huge place.

I can't wait to talk to Little Frenchy and tell her I met someone in the Atlanta airport, waited on them and ended up with us having friends in common!

That just made my night and on TOP of that got off by ten and walked out over three hundred dollars richer.

My apprehension about this new job is quickly falling to the wayside but being replaced with an apprehension of how I can be so lucky to have a new job which is pulling us out of debt and fear of losing our home?

I need to have more faith in myself...

It's called Karma my friends, and finally for once haven't had to bite my nails raw waiting on her to come back around our way.

Tumbling into bed for a day shift tomorrow, on a week day which isn't easy. The highway will be packed with early morning commuters headed into Atlanta and the MARTA parking lot will be as we say in the south "Slap full."

On the good side I'll be home again by seven tomorrow night!

I'm not too sure what I've done which is all that great to deserve all this happiness, but guess I'll just keep on doing what I've been doing. It's worked for me so far!

Til next time...Contented COTTON

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