Monday, July 28, 2014

Leaps Tall Buildings in a Single Bound

Had an excellent day at work. Pulled into the MARTA lot and cruised past the entrance to the train station. Like a gift from heaven a TSA worker came out, walked ten feet to the first parking space and got in his car to leave.

BINGO!  It's gonna be a good day! Made it to the Sardine Shuttle with not only thirty minutes to spare but a friendly driver to boot.


Around five one of the server's came walking to one of my tables leading a man to it. She remarked "Look who I've got for you, Kelly!"

I kinda thought that was a strange thing to say but went over and greeted him. I got him a beer and took his order. I went to get some bread for him when the server told me he had asked for me by name. I had never seen this man before in my life! Then she said "I asked him how he knew you, because I'm nosy and he said he reads your blog."


When I took the bread back out to him I asked how he knew me? Seems he grew up in East Point where I did, went to a neighboring high school and in fact DOES read my blog. That's crazy!!

We have lots of friends in common and it was really nice chatting with him as he ate. He was headed for London and wanted to come by to check out the restaurant.  Super nice guy, left me a fifty percent tip and made my day even MORE excellent!!  I knew that TSA guy at MARTA was a good omen!

Yesterday I was talking with the young host at the host stand. He's a cute kid, probably only twenty or twenty one. I first met him during training when had to do a shift at the host stand. He has a good sense of humor and thinks I'm hysterical. (very smart kid)

I commented that it amazed me how many times when a customer is leaving and  say "Have a good trip" to them,  about every other one will automatically say "You too!"  They probably walk away and think what a stupid thing that was to say (at least I do) but is just a knee jerk reaction response.

I told the young host sometimes I feel like when they say it I should get a startled look on my face , take my glasses off, peer at them with eyes wide open in shock and say "Can you really TELL I'm Tripping...does it show?  Man, I just put some Visine in my eyes too!"

My buddy from the host stand thought that was hilarious...then again so did I. (I'm easily amused by my quick wit)

I was telling him the other day we should pair up and go on the road together, he could be my straight guy.

We were both at the stand out front one day when the PM dishwasher came in for work.

Number one, I wouldn't wish the job on my worst enemy. By the time they get there the AM dishwasher has been gone for an hour or so and dishes are sometimes piled up so high you can't even stack another dish.

I told my buddy at the host stand if that was my job, they'd have to drag me to work in leg irons and chain me to the machine back there . But this guy shows up every day, smiles and says hello to everyone then heads to the back for what I would call "My little corner of humid hell."  My buddy said "I know, right? And to think I hate MY job sometimes!"

I followed up with "Crap if he can take THAT job and still be able to smile about it, he should be a stinkin' motivational speaker!"

A few days later the dishwasher once again showed up for work, once again greeted everyone and headed back to his little corner of humidity hell.  The place I work is extremely professional, they have a rack of dry cleaned chef coats for all the kitchen staff, including dishwashers in the back hallway. The dishwasher usually ties a clear plastic apron on over it so they don't leave absolutely sopping wet after their sometimes ten hour shift.  The plastic aprons were all out and hadn't been delivered yet so he made his own apron out of a black plastic garbage bag and tied it around him. My buddy and I were in the back dumping off more dirty dishes when we noticed his homemade apron. I told my buddy it almost looked like a Super Hero cape!

I don't know how this guy does it. And to think I used to think MY life sucked!

My buddy agreed with me and interjected his long gloves even made it look even more like a Super Hero costume.

We started talking about what his motto would be...

"Faster than a Pressure washer, stronger than the chlorine fumes in his bleach, able to tackle stacks and stacks of dishes in a single shift!"

So tonight I mentioned to my buddy at the host stand, "Where's Captain Clean?"  About thirty minutes later our Super Hero walked in...again.

I'd have to be dragged back every single shift but he comes in like it's the greatest job in the world.

You gotta hand it to the guy.

I told my buddy I was going to take a picture to use in a blog about our Super Hero.

He was gone on break so couldn't get one. Hopefully he'll come back!

About thirty minutes later he got back but didn't have on his black cape.

About twenty more minutes went by and when dropping off some dishes noticed him tying back on his "Cape."

I told my buddy up front at the host stand  "He just went into a phone booth and changed back into his Super Hero costume!"

When it was slow went to the back with my cell phone and took a picture.

Heck, he even posed for me!

Here's the thing. This guy needed a job, found one and took it.

I'll never complain again!

I am and always will be grateful for the blessings I have and even for trials and tribulations we've been through.

It's made me a stronger even more compassionate person. Every time I see our Super Hero walk in, I think to myself..."He actually IS a Super Hero!"

So he's just a dishwasher.

Heck. I'm "Just" a waitress.

We're all "Just" humans.

Not much difference in MY book.

We're all just people trying to get day at a time.

I got on the Sardine Shuttle today going to the International terminal and found a message from a sweet woman who knows me from Massey's days on the Guard in high school.

It read :

"Kelly, I wanted to tell you that I've been reading your blog and  am just amazed at your strength and your attitude. I have so much respect for the way you live your life, thankful even in times of struggle. Congratulations on your new job and your husband's new job and am so glad things are looking up for you. You are an inspiration."

This message spoke volumes to me.

I started this blog over five years ago when we were rolling Phat and just wanted to have a place to write.

The journey which followed was unexpected, unwanted but was my destiny so followed it, chronicling it all along the bumpy way.

Yes I got depressed and yes felt at the end of the rope many times and then some.

When you GET to the end of the rope, simply hang there swinging with all your might.

Live life right and Karma will always be your friend...and when it is, always "Pay it forward."

I have so many people to pay back it will take a lifetime, but that's okay too.

That, my friends is what inspires ME.

Til next time... COTTON

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