Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Long Hot Summer aka Breath of Fresh Air, HEARD!

 The page has turned here at the Cotton Compound, and finally for the first time in well over four years is a better page.
My daughter Massey got home today from her summer long stint as a camp counselor. Next week we move her into a loft for her sophomore year at Georgia State University.
Last year this time was worried how we  would make it through (financially) her freshman year.
Once again, my family stepped in to help and thanks to my big bro she got approved for Sallie Mae.
Twelve months later the pages have flown by and are on the most exciting chapter of our lives.
It's been a long fight but the helmet God gave me worked!
I thanked God every day I woke up, even when deeper in debt. At least I woke up...and  must mean He had greater plans for us.
I worked day after day after day hoping it would get better, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. A dear friend contacted me telling me the place she worked for was looking for a server.
I said no.
 I always had the mindset "Oh so you think the grass is greener?
 Do you ever wonder if it's just a buried septic tank?"
I took the biggest leap of faith I ever have. I stepped out of my box and comfort zone, which was squeezing us to death with debt...and jumped!
We were at the point of losing our house, I didn't even have a car and my husband was out of work.
God stepped in.
I felt like I was too old, didn't have a vehicle to even drive TO the job and besides was an upscale, REALLY upscale restaurant which you had to go through a security check point for every time you even wanted to enter the Atrium where it was located not to mention deal with the hassle of MARTA.
I took the leap.
I was terrified and had so many mixed emotions, felt totally nauseous.
A Blog friend loaned me a car for me to go for the initial interview. After that my next door husband stepped in and has loaned me his little spare truck for well over two months...and then some.
I've stepped out of the box and into our financial salvation.
After my initial two weeks of training (don't even get me started on how hard THAT was) caught up the mortgage and every other bill in the first three weeks of me being on the floor.
I wake up every day now Thanking the Lord...and my next door husband who's still loaning me his little truck to drive.
They must be fixing  my soon to be new /used ride, which is paid off in a crock pot. For Pete's sake, turn it in HIGH!
It's all good.
I'm good. We're all good.
Absolutely HATE telling my old/ still current two days a week  job that I have to leave.
It's not about them. They have been wonderful to me and would happy as a pig in slop to stay there, eight minutes away from my garage door.
This decision was and is totally about us... My family .
It was MY choice, albeit unfortunately a necessary one
The feeling of being so close to being almost debt free and nearer to the point of being able to not only pay back but forward is all the inspiration this old girl needs.
After almost five years of close to daily depression have realized it must finally be OUR time.
Feels Great...don't pinch me!
Til next time...COTTON

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