Friday, July 4, 2014

Guess With This Ten Pound Weight Lifted I'm Down to 85 Pounds But Sure Feels Good!

Let's talk about the "Elephant in the room." For five years we've been tip toeing and stepping around him.

Guess what? I think he's gone!

I was terrified to take a new job even if it was a second one, keeping my current comfortable job. It was twenty five miles from home, not on a bus route and didn't even own a car. I think our mortgage company urged me on the most, us being two months behind and getting five calls a day from the greedy rat bast after never being late one time in fourteen years until all the turmoil started, then spiraled.

Boy, Michael hit this nail on the head!

With much prayer and conferring with people most important to me, decided to take a leap of faith. We were close to losing our house four years from pay off and Hells Fargo wanted it. No upside down mortgage but a house they could sell for 100% profit. Not going to happen if I could help it.

I'll never know why God chose me to travel this path but right about now wish I knew Heaven's address to send Him a Thank You note.

The two weeks of training for my new job almost killed me or at least felt that way. I was overwhelmed, stressed out and on top of that borrowing a vehicle from my next door husband every time I had to be there.

My first day on the floor made almost two hundred dollars in tips and had faked it the entire shift. On top of that got "Secret Shopped" by Fifth Group, the parent company. I got a 78, a terrible score but the home office contacted the managers and said considering it was my first shift could have been a lot worse and gave me credit for  doing a LOT better than they would have expected from a first day server.

Then eight days later I get shopped again. What are the odds of THAT? I got a 95 though. Suddenly I was doing not just okay but doing GREAT.

By this time it was the end of June and my last day off had been May 24th. I was running on fumes and out of gas quick. I would wake up in the mornings confused until Tim told me what day it was and where I needed to go, by what time.

Working at the airport has been another job all in itself. I have to navigate parking at the MARTA lot, allowing myself time to stalk someone back to their car and snag their spot and also time getting there  to coincide with the next available train to the airport, forty seconds away.  Then have to sweet talk my way onto the Sardine Shuttle because employees take second priority. Then going through security is always a hit or miss with the TSA. They either act like you're trying to blow up the airport with the empty water bottle in your bag or could care less and ask why you are still standing there?

I've gotten everything down to a science except the job itself but working on that too. I usually just ask the more senior servers what I need to do when have done everything I know to do.

In the two weeks I've been on the floor have managed to bring home enough to make a mortgage payment, buy gas for my borrowed vehicle, staples for the house and even food for the pups.

The answer was simple. I had to step out of my comfort zone and into a world which not only scared but intimidated me.

I'm not making many friends at the new place but have made a few. Not sure if they intimidate me or if I intimidate them but my bosses seem to like me and isn't that the bottom line? I have a lot to learn but learn it I will.

Worked forty days in a row and thought I would collapse but my boss at the local job gave me a day off yesterday. I slept twelve hours and woke up still tired.

I checked in on my blog, my baby and saw a comment from a reader in Ireland. She had traveled through the Atlanta airport the day before and mentioned she wished she had known I was at work and would have stopped by to say hello.

How fantastic is that? Someone from Ireland who reads my blog was actually in the concourse where I work and could have stopped by to meet me? Shout out to "Enie Dub".

I went into my local job today, thinking they would be all hating on me for abandoning them four days a week.

Quite the opposite. They seemed happy I was making financial progress and although know will hate losing me those four days a week, support me in my new venture.

I am a blessed, beyond blessed woman, wife and mother.

Headed back to the chaos of the airport tomorrow but making such significant strides it even impresses me!

No longer afraid of failure but excited for our future and  feels really good. It's a pleasant change and WAY overdue.

Til next time...COTTON

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