Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Day Another Dollar

Woke up feeling old as Methuselah and got out the door ten minutes late for work this morning but at least had a shower and fresh clothes on. I clocked in ten minutes late and still beat the other opening server by thirty.

There was new girl there for training, not knowing what to do so I helped her as she helped me open the restaurant. Around nine the other opener showed up, we already had the place ready to go so decided to go get some free grub from Atlanta Bread Company on concourse C.

The new girl asked me how long I had worked there and replied "Not long enough to teach you anything, except I Can show you how to get to Atl. Bread Co. on concurse C for some great free food!"

She joined me and we started our adventure.

Working on F concourse is like working in Egypt when you have to go back to domestic side.

I was all pumped with pride knowing all the short cuts my other friends had taught me and we landed on concourse C around nine twenty.It took us twenty minutes to get our food and get back to the Plane Train.

Crap, we could have crawled back to F on our hands and knees before the Plane Train finally took off.

Technical difficulties. (Ya dah ya dah ya dah)

We landed back on F five minutes before the restaurant opened. She politely put her salad under the counter with her purse for later but I sat at the bar and scarfed my Chicken Waldorf sandwich down like someone was chasing me.

I've learned shifts are usually ten hours long and this skinny girl seriously needed some grub.

One of the managers took her under his wing once we opened and I began my day.

Nine hours later I was starting my checkout after finishing all my closing duties.

Yes this job has long shifts but is hands down our saving salvation.

It wasn't crazy busy but thanks to another server not even showing  up at all for the day shift made over two hundred bucks after tipping out sixteen.

To a lot of peeps that's chump change but to us is life changing.

My feet were killing me as I stood on the MARTA train for the forty second ride back to the transit station.

As much as I hated it stopped by Walmart on the way home. Skinny girl was getting hungry again.

I bought fixings for chili, another pair of size one jeans for work on sale for thirteen bucks and a few other staples for the house.

Came home and my sister had dropped by bringing us tons of fresh vegetables from her garden and even stocked my kitchen shelves with lots of staples. That's the kind of family I come from and have, and believe me you am mighty grateful to have them!

Watched American Hustle with Zach in the living room when he got home from work and ate a huge bowl of chili with buttered crackers. We both fell asleep in the living room, him on the chaise and me sprawled on the sofa. We only made it halfway through the movie.

I had my cell phone set for six thirty on the coffee table and woke us both up early. He wasn't too thrilled, it was his day off but shuffled up the stairs to his room and collapsed again with our bulldog Charlie in tow. They were both snoring again by the time I went upstairs for a shower.

These past eight weeks have been just what I've been praying for.

An answer.

Tim just got his first paycheck from his new job and with all the overtime he worked was another kick in the right direction.

So we move on to yet another day and another dollar.

Woke up feeling somewhat rested. My days are a still a jumble and rarely know what the day or date is, just know I have to be at work at a specific time and go from there.

I made great time today and even snagged an excellent spot in the MARTA parking lot from an exiting TSA guy. I learned early on to look for those bright blue shirts, even when they are sitting in their vehicles. Reached the train just as it was pulling in thanks to my handy MARTA app a friend turned me onto. (Thank you Diane) Reached the terminal forty seconds later and headed outside for the shuttle.

The Sardine Shuttle was empty except for four of us, all airport employees. No suitcases, no jabbering other languages and on the plus side had an excellent air conditioner.

Walked into the International Terminal and through security ten minutes later with almost thirty minutes to spare.

Most Excellent!

Wasn't crazy busy but well worth the trip.

What IS crazy was making yet another over two hundred dollars on a slow night.  Clocked out shortly after ten, gathered my things and hot footed it for MARTA using every shortcut and saying "Excuse me" to people I passed on escalators, elevators and stairs.

I didn't have to run, just fast walked and made the train with three minutes to spare. It felt amazing to not have my heart feeling like it was beating outside of my chest!

Still got home shortly before midnight after stopping to gas up my next door husband's borrowed truck.

Just as I left his truck in his driveway and tumbled down the slope to my own house got a text from him. His birthday is three days before mine, which is next week. He text he needed to get emissions done on the Ranger. I text back I would do it and also pay for the tag. Heck it's a 96 model Ford Ranger, it's not like I offered to buy the tag for Beyonce's new Rolls Royce and was at the very least I could do.

My next door husband has been absolutely wonderful to us. I originally asked to borrow his truck for a week but has turned into almost two months. I'm so embarrassed every morning when I sneak over to crank it up again. I feel like putting it in neutral and rolling it back to the edge of his driveway so he won't hear me cranking up his little truck AGAIN!

We settled on me paying for the emissions and tag. Small price for something which has made ALL the difference. Without his little truck I couldn't even be working this job.

My life has changed yet again but finally all for the better. God shut several doors on us before opening the right window.

At least it finally opened!

I am truly the luckiest woman on the entire planet...maybe even universe.

Til next time...COTTON

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