Friday, October 28, 2011

Taking a Much Needed Day Off for ME!

Taking this Saturday off. Haven't done that in quite a while and really can't afford to but it will be a day all my own and all for me!

Massey is going  to see one of her besties who is at Valdosta State and I am going to a baby shower in the AM for a former co worker who  is (ironically enough) having a baby! The boys don't care if I'm not around (they probably prefer it) and Massey will be with friends so I am doing the baby shower gig in the AM and going to a Halloween party in the PM.

The Halloween party is being given by one of my favorite peeps in the world. I grew up with her going to East Point Christian Church. Our families took vacations together when I was a kid and we have kept in touch via funerals since we've gotten older (sad truth.)

She is one of the funniest and most REAL people you could ever be lucky enough to meet...she makes ME seem like a stick in the mud!

I don't think I ever knew she was Gay when we were kids...or her either for that matter  . It was the sixties and early seventies... we were more focused on bashing  Blacks than Gays.

Heck , I never had a boyfriend..they weren't a pre requisite especially if you had a mouth or humor like she and I did. She was the life of every party or get together and  came by it honestly...her entire family is a hoot.

She emailed me an invitation to her "Halloweenie Roast" and my sister and I decided to take a night for ourselves and go!

My brother was supposed to go with us but he's a big wig fancy schmancy exec. and has to take clients out.  We'll give him a pass...he does really well at his job ( taking care of his sisters.)

I emailed my friend back and said I was excited to be attending and was looking forward to her "Chaz Bono" costume.

She emailed back  "What makes you  think it is a costume?"

I really need to work Saturday but I also really need to laugh and be foolish with life long friends and my big sis.

I am going as Peter Pan. I have the hair cut, lack of breasts and even the attitude...I don't wanna grow up!

My sister told me she had her costume ready but wouldn't tell me what it was.  I am hoping she is dressing as a "Designated Driver." Just friend has already said she had a room ready for us if we wanted to stay.

I am pretty pumped! I worked a double shift Friday and feeling guilty about actually having an entire day off for myself on Saturday. Came home and trimmed bushes for two hours between the lunch and dinner shift. Went back to work smelling like deodorant overload and got off after closing. Thought I would get off early but it was crazy at work (a good thing unless you trim bushes for two hours and have chigger bites to prove it.)

Still have to make a fruit tray in the morning for the baby shower AND get a gift. Massey is leaving at nine on Saturday morning so if I get up to see her off I have time to buy a gift and magically produce a fruit tray. Then I will have two hours to fine tune my Peter Pan costume (it is awesome and I will  post pics.)

Look at me! Having Fun...I can hardly wait, and hardly wait to blog about it!

Squeezing a few more chigger bites (feels good to mash 'em like pimples) applying the nail polish and heading to bed.

 It is SO right that my email address is "The Clampetts"

Stay tuned for Halloweenie Roast update...
Til next time...PETER PAN

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