Friday, October 7, 2011

I Love My Life

I worked this morning lunch shift the dinner shift too. Lunch was easy , it was slow so I got off in plenty of time to get some things done (mainly FB and a sandwich.)

Went back to work dinner and for some bizarre reason it was pretty slow too. I waited on a couple going next door to a movie after dinner and a young family of four (split meals and kid fingers...only Dad ate right.)

I got seated a party of eight and was told I was cut. That means no more tables. I've been cut from the serving floor and won't be seated again.

No Mas ( at least that's what the dishwasher says when we walk in the kitchen with a huge stack of dirty dishes,)

They had appetizers and cocktails. They drank bottles of wine with dinner and stayed for dessert and coffee. I think the really old dude had a crush on me.

Came time for the bill. What to do? I could write a suggested gratuity of 18% on the check or take a gamble. I threw the added gratuity.

Some parties you KNOW you don't have to worry. Some you KNOW you have to Grat.

Personally I HATE to do that. I know if I went in a place, had great service and they wrote a "Suggested Gratuity" I would leave them JUST that. Had they not suggested what I should do with MY money I would have left them an even bigger tip.

"Come ON Snake Eyes!"


I Hit! They left me ninety bucks. Waiting tables is a crap shoot, I have said it many times before.

 I waited on them hand and foot while entertaining them with my PHD in BS. When I  took the check there wasn't one dirty dish, fork , knife or napkin left  on the table. All their food to go was nicely tied up in boxes and bags and I gave the old dude one more wink.

Came home and picked up Massey and we headed to  Kroger. Like a good working Mom of two teens still at home I loaded up on Pizza Rolls, cereal, lunch meat and cheese, kool aid and yogurt. Threw in some bananas and Chex Mix and picked up a huge Corned Beef and some fresh cabbage with taters and field peas (they gotta eat healthy SOMETIME.)  Add the dog food and laundry detergent and the money was gone but my house was full of food.

I just LIKE having a job where I kinda almost sorta feel like I am in control most of the time about my own financial destiny.

Some nights I bomb...who doesn't? Some nights it's great some nights it's off the chain and sometimes you are the bug on the windshield.

If I hadn't hit big tonight we'd be EATING the bug on the windshield.
Going to cook me some Pizza Rolls before one of those always hungry teens wake up!

Til next time...Grubbin' COTTON

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