Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holding My Breath...Again

Had a great day. Massey let me sleep til ten thirty. She is an early morning riser and I am a late go to beder. I switched a shift this week which took away my only day off so once again I am running my work weeks together. She had a girlfriend who spent the night and I took them both to the Sock Shoppe in Griffin. My mother went  there when I was a kid...I know now why she never took me but made me give her a list of what I wanted.

They started out selling socks seventy years ago. They added towels and washcloths while I was still young and I can guarantee you every  towel and sock in our house came from there when I was little.

It was so exciting! Every year before the school year started you got to give Momma a list of the color of knee socks you desired. As a bonus she brought home undies too.

Now they sell everything from jeans to tees, shorts, shoes and jewelry. You can buy Cannon over sized plush bath towels for $2.99 and even pick up a pair of Crocs.

I got ten pair of underwear fifteen pair of socks four bras and two pair of tights for work for under forty bucks. "True THAT!"

Got home in time to jump in the shower and head to work.

I am nervous about Tim's promotion. What if our curse comes back and he doesn't get the job? I won't feel right until he meets with the big wigs on Monday and everything is signed and sealed.

At work it is already buzzing around..."What will we do without YOU for entertainment?'

I can honestly say  this restaurant has been my saving salvation to what little pride I had left when the Western Sizzler kicked me to the curb. They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. They seem to love me for some unknown reason and it will be hard when I leave. They are my second family but a first rate restaurant. It is run by crazy Italians...and when things go wrong tempers don't flare, they IGNITE!

I have enjoyed working for this place and they have made me feel part of the totally dysfunctional but well oiled machine of a place that loves or hates but pulls together for a common goal...SUCCESS.

I will miss my brother and sister, the only immediate family I have left. My sister and I are closer than close but only see each other face to face maybe once a month. My brother is my new "Diddy" but I see him maybe three times a year. My sister can fly for free and my brother can fly at free will.

What am I going to do without this group of people who took me in at my worst and have urged me on every step of the way and let me be who I really am?

I know that this is the move we need and have wanted to take for over two years but leaving these people will be the hardest thing I have done in a while.

Who's gonna make fun of  crazy situations and crazy customers if I'm not there?

If this job goes through for Tim,  I am behind him 100%. I am just sad to leave my work family. They have brought me back from feeling like I was NOTHING to making me feel like I am SOMEBODY.

Waiting until Monday when it is all said and done.

Til next  time...COTTON

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