Monday, October 17, 2011

He'll Open Another Window...

Total bummer of a day.  Like the idiot I am I didn't take a day off last week ... came home from work last night after a ten hour shift and collapsed into a coma. I dragged out of bed around two this afternoon and felt much better. Heated up some left overs and picked Massey up from school.

Tim called as I was leaving to pick Massey up and asked if I had gotten his text.
 Number one: he has never, ever sent me a text.
 Number two: I didn't know he KNEW how to text.

Seems the offer in Charlotte has been pulled off the table. He was at work and couldn't really talk but said the big boss was coming into town next week to talk with him.

Jeez, it took me a while to get used to the idea of moving but I was beginning to get used to it.

Went into work tonight and had the absolute worst shift I have ever had. Waiting tables is a crap shoot anyway and tonight I totally CRAPPED OUT. Two ladies left me a three dollar tip on a $77 tab (and they weren't even European.) Another lady ate a side of pasta and had a glass of I was up to four dollars. Had a few other small tables but all said and done it was a horrible night. I didn't understand...I even took a shower and washed my uniform! At one point I went in the kitchen and asked another server if I had a booger in my nose?

Len said at least it doesn't happen often. He's right, it doesn't. I just needed a good night desperately. Barb floated me a fifty to go buy groceries...Zach ate cereal with water today.

Our life is on the path back but we needed Tim to get this promotion. I'm hoping that they have even bigger things in store for him but we will just have to wait and see. I hate it for Tim. He is such a good man and was so pumped to be moving up. Poor Tim, being married to me is like being married to a skinny Rosanne Barr. I have a big mouth and never hesitate to use it.

We'll just have to wait and see what the meeting next week holds....hopefully it will be a royal flush!

Looks like I cleaned all that dog slobber off the walls for nothing.

Another window will open...

Til next time... Crossing my fingers COTTON

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