Thursday, October 6, 2011

So We Loaded Up Our Truck and Moved to Charlotte NC...Hills That Is

Life is crazy right now...  in a great but bittersweet way. I am so beyond thrilled for my husband. I know it isn't easy being married to a maniac like me. Tim has gone totally gray in the past two years and I have aged him to the point of looking older than me even though he is two years younger.

He has hung in there,  let  me bitch when I needed to (and a lot of times when I didn't) and been the one to truly make it happen.

Massey is totally freaked...what junior girl in high school wouldn't be?  I told her we could stay here and continue to struggle or move and have the life we did three years ago immediately with the chance to have an even better one.

It's not like I am crazy about moving either...but I AM crazy about moving UP!

My bosses at work have been absolutely fantastic to me. Before this offer for Tim came through, I had decided this was the job for me. I get to work for people that are even crazier than I am and seem to be crazy (no pun intended) about me.

Barb was on a cruise when the deal went down. She got back from vacation and found out   #1 Tim got an offer   #2 He took it   # 3 I'll be gone. I waited until half the evening went by her first night back thinking she would mention it. She didn't so I finally said "Did Len tell you about Tim's job?"

She rolled her head slowly away from me with that "Barb- roll" of her eyes and looked in the other direction like she smelled a fart and said "Yes."

Knowing Barb for fifteen years... I took it as a compliment.

We didn't talk about it much after that and we still haven't.

I feel TERRIBLE about leaving Mama's. They took me in when I was at my total worst... Heck, even Len didn't yell at me for over a year. I screwed up at first and it took what seemed like forever for this old dog to learn new tricks but I did.

Then I hit my stride. I made new regulars and a few old ones from Western Sizzler found me too. Since I'm an avid blogger and FB addict, I helped them with their FB page and have probably had at least thirty blog readers come in to eat with me. While I did that they sometimes  helped me keep the utilities on and have helped me out too many times to count.

 Massey absolutely LOVES Len (she's never seen him blow his head gasket) and has even catered for us. She knows every one there and every one there knows her.

I was totally nervous for the entire first year I worked  for Ralph and Alice Cramden,  but now see so many similarities in our marriages....except that Tim and I turned into Ed Norton and Trixie on a skid of bad luck.

Barb and Len are living the American Dream. They own their own business. They are in charge. They have no one breathing down their necks except this horrific economy. In their favor, they sell a product that is so wonderful and so is inspired and always a true  culinary creation.

I thought Barb was mad at me but tonight during the dinner rush she came into the kitchen as I was cracking a joke to another server and the server laughed and said "What are we going to do without you?' Barb with another almost unobservable shake of her head said quietly "It just won't be the same."

At that moment it hit me... I am leaving.

I'm not worried about Massey too much. She is a girl who has a heart as big as the Pacific and more solid gold than Fort Knox.

I'm worried about ME! I  work day after day after day after day and don't dread going in. I love it there, but I'm an old fart and have worked for a corporate place and know how much better this is.

I feel like I have done a pretty decent job and THEY have made me feel like one of the family...THEIR family, a great family to be a part of and a family I will miss.

Cleaning more dog slobber off the walls tomorrow morning and headed back for another double shift.

Til next time...A Getting Choked Up Cotton

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