Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Good...

Got up today and got into action. I cooked a full fledged dinner and had it simmering on the stove when Tim left to pick up Massey from school. I hopped on my Johnny Dear and cut my front yard my neighbor's side yard and weed eated both.

I jumped into the shower but was still picking grass out of my hair when I got to work. It has been slow the last two nights so I KNEW I would bank tonight.

Didn't happen. I was freaking by seven thirty. I had three checks hitting my bank account tomorrow and thought I  KNEW I could cover them.

Note to self: Tim is wise NOT to have a joint account with me.

My last three tables made it happen. Two guys left me a phat tip, had another table that tipped me over 30% and my last table put me in the black (for now.)

Had a table of a family. The mom and daughter got there first, waiting on the son and father. When the dad sat down I noticed he was handing out printed google maps to each of the kids. When I was in the kitchen another server said "I think the kids at your table are crying."

Yes they were. I know the family although they don't really know me. Our kids have gone to school together for 12 years but they live in an upscale subdivision that I dreamt we one day would. They know me because I am a waitress and they eat out a lot.

After serving them and trying to avoid looking into their teens puffy eyes the Dad asked for the check. When he handed me his card he said his kids were worried that I thought they were abusive parents when in fact he had just told them he got a promotion and the family was moving....pretty far away.

The daughter was distraught so I asked her what year she was in high school? She was a senior but her Dad interjected that they wouldn't be moving until she graduated. I told her "Heck you will be away at college and they will be visiting you more than YOU want!"

So like the big mouth I am I told the kids "They could have brought you here to tell you your Dad just lost his job and you were all moving into the Motel Six because underneath the bridge at Turner Field was full up!

Tim lost his job two years ago and we went from a six figure family to a family living off of the kindness of others and welfare at one point.

Life is always a perspective and always taken for granted in my book.

My last two tables left me a phat tip and once again I will be in the black...for now.

But that is all that matters. I struggle every day but as long as I struggle and God sees me trying, it will be okay.

The yard is cut, my checks are covered and I will wake up tomorrow and do it all again.

As God as my witness...I will laugh at these slim picking days years from now but always be grateful for how I made it through them.

Doing it again tomorrow and for as long as the Good Lord allows.

I'm Good...wouldn't trade my life, even if it was for  one of the Kardashian's. Beauty fades but resilience shines !!

Til Next time...COTTON

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