Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma

Happy birthday to my Momma!

 It's hard to believe  34 years have passed since I saw you last. It's hard to believe I have made it this far in life without you. It's hard to believe that you never got to meet your grand kids. They are all spoiled and had you lived they would be rotten to the core!

I am thankful to have had you in my life for seventeen years... beats having never had you in my life.

I think I am a lot like you. People tell me I look just like you and  always take it as a huge compliment. I know I have your habit of repeating yourself. I am funny like you were (so they tell me) and a funny story NEEDS to be told more than once!

I miss you and Diddy on a daily basis but  thrilled that you are finally together again. Does he still have athlete's foot and do you still squeeze your legs together when you sneeze? I do now...

You were a wonderful mother and a person  every one loved. You are missed by us all. I guess you are okay  surrounded by so many others that loved you too. You have Diddy, Kenny, Mr. Wyatt, JE Tyler, D Fowl, Mr. Pierce and Clyde to keep you entertained so my guess is you have been laughing.

You have a grand daughter named Massey, your maiden name. She was born eighteen years after you the day. You have three grand sons and two step grand sons.
Time has kept on ticking  and I married a terrific man. He puts up with and loves me. He provides for  and has taken care of us. You would love him too.
I miss you every day of my life but  grateful to have been lucky enough to call you Momma for seventeen years.
Didier got there the other day, have you seen her yet?

I miss our house on Bayard Street. I miss going to The Varsity on Friday nights. I miss seeing you at your sewing machine with your glass of iced tea in a styrofoam coozie. I miss seeing you in the kitchen on Sunday after church cooking in your slip. (we have central air now)
I miss everything about you.

Save me a seat. I hope to join you one day!

Still have  lots to do down here but looking forward to seeing you again one day. Thanks for all you did for us while you were here and thanks for being over my shoulder every day and in my dreams at night.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  "Ann Massey Leach"

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