Friday, October 21, 2011


Had my day off from the world yesterday and came back strong today.

I didn't do squat yesterday til after six PM but then kicked into gear and scrubbed all three of my bathrooms. When I clean as of late, I just do the bare minimum. That means I clean  enough that I'm not totally grossed out when I take a shower and swipe at the mirrors with some Windex. A while back Tim cleaned the bathroom in our bedroom and said the least he could do is clean the bathroom once a week for me. I held him to his word and that word simply vanished after that first full cleaning.
I stood my ground and only half way cleaned when his cleaning ceased. Yesterday I could stand it no more.

Barb had given me a bottle of wine she considered too old to sell so I poured a glass and took it and Mr. Clean, Comet and Windex upstairs to the master bath  and closed the bathroom door. Between all the bleach  cleaners and wine I got a buzz AND got it DONE!  I cleaned the light bulbs above the sink and worked my way down to the floor. I scrubbed the shower stall until it looked better than when we moved in (and we bought the house brand new.) I cleaned the garden tub til it sparkled and cleaned both sides of the glass door leading to shower stall til it was a clear view. I cleaned all the drains and scrubbed the floor from the baseboards out to the center of the room. I scrubbed the counter top til there was nary a hair or speck of dust. I continued on to the kids bathroom and did the same. All toilets were clean enough to drink out of (at least the dogs thought so) and once I was done it was amazing how good it felt.

Tim works hard but has two days off a week and brings home the same paycheck. I work hard too but if I take two days off I make a LOT less. I only make money if I work and when I have a couple of bad shifts I have to pick up more to  make it all even out. Granted this is the profession I have chosen.

I've been working too much lately and Tim has taken the brunt of my working day after day after day. He is as laid back as I am frantic forward. He is man of few words and I am a woman who's words are way too many . The other morning  I left for work to do another double shift and he had the day off. I left through the kitchen door leading to the garage barking out orders "Feed the dogs take the trash out and for Pete's sake keep pushing the laundry through, I get sick of coming home and  clothes are still sitting wet in the dryer..."  He shut the kitchen door behind me as I got to the words "For Pete's sake..." and  I heard him calmly say to  our boxer, "That's the way you do it Ham... just shut the door and wait for her to drive away." I screamed out "I HEARD THAT!" but went ahead and just got in my car and drove away.

We are complete opposites but have the same goal... just strive to reach it differently. We've had some knocks but we've had a bunch of blessings. We were at the bottom and have battled back to the lower middle and are destined to be back on top.

I had a crappy first part of the week at work but came back strong tonight. I had a party of ten that requested me. A former co worker from the Western Sizzler I worked for had her birthday dinner with us at Mama Lucias. She doesn't work at the Sizzler anymore but knows my history with them. They left me an over fifty percent tip and I set a new record. Waited on three tables and walked with Franklin and quite a few of his buddies, making up for the crappy days and getting my bank account back in black.

I hate that Tim's promotion got put on hold. I didn't want to move but was looking forward to the pay raise. God has a plan for us and I guess I jumped ahead of his.

We'll be fine here for now.

I have a job that I hated leaving anyway and the busiest season of our year is starting. Maybe God wanted me to bank one more time with the peeps I have come to love tremendously and that for some unknown reason love me too.

I bet when I leave at night... after I walk out the back door, the cooks say  "That's the way you do it...just shut the door and wait for her to drive away."

Til next time...LIFE IS GOOD.


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