Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Three Stooges...

I worked the day shift today with my buddies "Hoke" and "Panic." Hoke is always fun to work with...we pick on him relentlessly and he takes it so well that we do it constantly, non stop. He has been having heartburn problems... either because of us or because of the fact that he eats like a machine at work. I nicknamed him "TW" (Tape Worm.) One of the servers had a part of a sub sandwich left and asked him if he wanted it to which he obviously replied "Yes" so she left it on our little counter in the alley where we all grub down. She didn't tell him, but told me that she had taken all the meat out of the sub as a joke. When he left the kitchen I  put four Rolaids in his sandwich from the bottle he has been keeping at work to help with his most probably ulcer that is most probably caused by working with us tormenting him on a daily basis. He finally got around to taking a bite of his sub and pulled a Rolaids out of his mouth and said to the new girl "Who put a Rolaids in my sub?" to which  she replied "Who do you THINK?"

When a prank is pulled I am always the first suspect and most always guilty...it's part of my charm!

The other stooge I worked with today is "Panic." She is a doll and I love her to death. She is an actress and has been in many movies, small parts sometimes an extra but with the booming movie industry in Atlanta works several days a week on various shows and movies being filmed around the city. Barb makes her a nervous wreck and we all kid her about it. Sometimes we'll just say "Barb is looking for you" to see the look of sheer terror on her face. I had  regular at my table today who works for the local Chamber of Commerce and Panic was talking to her about her latest acting job. The woman asked her if she could cry on cue and I spoke up and said "She cries every time she works...she's cried twice since she clocked in." I love working with Panic and Hoke...they are both just "Good" people and tons of fun to be around.

Barb was on her perch at the bar going through tickets and invoices and had two new bottles of wine a distributor had brought her to sample. She poured the three stooges a taste and asked what we thought? She remarked that it was best to take a second sip and we all said "Of course!" After two samples of the first we all said we were ready to try the second! We were playing her and  she knew it but being the wine snob she is, gave us all a couple of snorts of the second bottle. She quickly cut us all off when none of us had read the literature she had left on the bar describing each wine and the region they were from..."BUSTED" but "BUZZED!"

When we like to REALLY get to Barb we call her "Babs." She absolutely detests the nickname (Which encourages us to use it as frequently as we can.)

I am totally bummed that Tim's promotion fell through but thrilled that I get to stay on a while longer with my Mama Lucia's family. We are a totally dysfunctional family of misfits but a family none the less. I have never loved a job more and had never had a job love me back so fiercely.

Panic and I had a party of seven women today celebrating a birthday. They came in early and decorated the table with Halloween treats and all showed up wearing witch hats, cat whiskers etc...

They were older women most in their sixties. One woman had a face that was flawless (and totally wrinkle free.) Panic commented "I wonder how much her husband paid for THAT face?" Granted it looked good but when she spoke it was like she was  a ventriloquist. Her lips didn't move much and it was hard to see if she was smiling or making a grimace. I told Panic we might have to shovel her lunch through that small slot she was trying to talk through. We had a good chuckle over THAT one and were immediately reprimanded by Babs.

Left work in time to pick up Massey from school and run a few errands before heading home for her to get ready for her first Chorus concert. They did an outstanding job and I took her out to eat pizza afterwards.

Headed back to work tomorrow for two shows...Lunch and Dinner. Tim may have been put on hold with his promotion but I get to hang around this crazy family at Mama's a bit longer and LOVE IT!

Til Next time..."Moe"

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