Sunday, October 23, 2011

WOW Is All I Can Say

I picked up a post off a relatives wall tonight on Face book.

 I have a lot of gay friends and  gay relatives as well. I don't have them because I am a Liberal...I have them because they are people that I love.

I think  most people who object to homosexuality have never met and loved a person for WHO they are and not for who they think THEY should be.
  Who would ever CHOOSE to be an outcast of society , banned in some religions and balked by millions?

I have a cousin who is gay. I have a BFF who is gay. I know probably twenty other people who are gay that I consider dear and close friends.

Do you think they woke up one day and thought "It would be really hip to say I am gay...I hear that is all the rage now."

Labels are so quickly put upon people. I have short hair and have had many people think  I am gay. Yes I am.

I am happy and carefree...regardless of the fact that we have been broke for over two years. When we first moved in our brand new house fifteen years ago ...the boy next door told my then four year old Zach that Gay meant "Sick love between two boys." Zach came hone and asked me what "Gay" meant and I told him "Happy and carefree." (And to stay away from the neighbors)

Who in their right mind would choose a life style that is bashed and beaten every step of the way?

People are born Gay just like I  was born straight..Heck Tim probably wishes I could switch teams..
Not gonna happen (sorry Tim)

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