Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Girls Gone Grown Up"

Two little girls met when one was four and the other one three. The four year old was bossy and has remained so.
 I remember the year it snowed after Christmas and they dragged the thrown out   Christmas tree someone had shoved into their garage... over the river and through the woods to the back of our property.
 I remember when it REALLY snowed and these two girls trashed all my cookie sheets by using them as sleds.
 I remember THIS "Pimpin" pic from a day when they were both obviously bored.

I remember two little girls that have  known and lived next door to each other for as long as THEY can remember.

They were both cute as buttons (where THAT term comes from I am still unaware of) and have floated in and out of each other's lives for almost thirteen years.

They both went through their awkward years...but came out the other side complete beauties, inside and out.

I'll never forget the time when they were about six and seven and Alyssa's parents  put in a  pool. Alyssa came over , knocked on my door and was so excited to invite Massey to come swim. Her Dad (my next door husband) was standing right behind her, still dripping in her little two piece suit . She had her little glasses crooked on her tiny face and both  little boobies were below her bikini top. I guess it rode up on the run over to my front door. Her Dad said "Pull your top down" she turned and looked at him like he was crazy and Massey burst out the front door with her wax ear plugs and they both bounded back next door.

Oh how I will miss living next door to these people!

They have been our best friends and  helped us out too many times to count. My next door husband has fixed my cars (time and time again) my oven, my dishwasher and even my umbrella on the back patio. Our kid's have grown up together and I almost have the same feelings as I did growing up in East Point ... A community of many but a tight knit family that cares about each other intensely.

All three of my kids have grown up in this house and I have too.

Leaving Georgia is still a strange idea to me. I know I will still see my brother and sister  but leaving my "Next door family" will be tough. It has been wonderful living next door to them and having them as not only neighbors but  friends.

It's getting closer...this move. It's starting to hit me. There are things I will be glad to leave behind and there are things I will miss....The Smrekar's will be one of them (Felicia included)

Thank the Lord Alyssa has learned how to keep a bathing suit top in the right place because she has turned out to be quite the beauty. Her sister is married and starting her own life with her husband in Hawaii. Their brother is going into the Air Force  and after watching them all grow up ... I know it is time for US to grow.

We will always (I am sure) stay in touch...we will be connected via Internet,  but I will always remember those early years..."The Wonder Years."

Til next time...COTTON

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