Monday, January 16, 2017

You Gotta Have Faith

Every day I wake up in Orlando now, feel a little better about it with each passing day. Sometimes you just gotta have faith. I forgot that for a minute, or couple of months. Starting off unemployed threw me for a loop. Then Zach turned tail and left me. Together,  almost sucked the life out of me.

Not gonna lie. I absolutely detested starting a new job. I set very high standards for myself as a server, get frustrated when make mistakes and take my job very seriously. You have to if you want to succeed at it.

And I want to.

Here's the thing're gonna make mistakes. Especially if you're a perfectionist with your job, and I am.

I've had a couple of shifts when I got totally overwhelmed, trounced and made a couple of mistakes. I take things like that to heart and get nervous they'll want to fire me.

The reality is, they're not going to fire me and probably wish they had ten more like me.

Case in point:

I was seated with a six top tonight. Four adults, two kids. Went through my little spiel when only one person said they had eaten there before.

I took their order and proceeded to ring it into the computer. The restaurant serves small shareable plates so you have to pace how you put the orders. I was at the service bar picking up drinks for the table when another server told me not to put a lemon on the older gentleman's tea.


Great! (not) Seems the older gentleman was a higher up with Tavistock, who own the restaurant. Lucky for me wasn't overly busy and gave it my best shot.

The bill was over two hundred, he tipped me sixty bucks.

After they left my manager came up and said "Nice job. He said your service was excellent, well paced and flawless."

It may sound stupid to peeps who aren't in my line of work but those are comments you strive for as a professional server.

So maybe I will still make some goofs, but feel better and more secure with each and every shift.

Being happy in my job is a must for me. I can't fake it... and shouldn't. I still study the menu and wine list every day. I still ask questions and continually work hard from the time I clock in until the time I clock out.

I need to ease up on myself.

I need to remember I got this.

I also need to remember you gotta have faith.

I got the home life part down. It was the job part killing me.

My husband and daughter gracefully endured my total meltdown after moving here and finding out I was unemployed. They let me sink and sulk because I wanted and needed to. They let me sink to my lowest and kept the bedroom door shut, per my command.

But both waited on the outside of that door for me to emerge.

And I finally did.

Tim got all irritated with me one night when I was blogging after work. The computer is in our temp house bedroom and the light from the monitor bothered him because he gets up before six AM for work. I went the next day and bought him blinders to wear when he sleeps.

Then I told him this:

"Here's my next thing. This move has been really hard for me. I walked away from the best job of my life. No, actually I walked away from my entire life to join you here. I'm proud of you and all you've done for our family to survive and thrive but I need a moment. The only thing which truly makes me happy at this point is my blog. Writing is my passion, go to place...and escape from depression right now."

I've blogged every night since.

Really can't believe and actually amazed we've survived from our starting point. I'm beginning to think we are the real deal.

Everyone should remember this.

Never quit.

Quitters never win.

I'm a Georgia girl but rambling down to Orlando and doing the best I can.

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