Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day Five...Getting My Resolution On!

The whole job debacle after moving here still bugs me and not letting it go without a fight but the rest seems to be falling into place.

Last night I made more money than ever at work and see even better times ahead. The USTA just opened right by our restaurant (google it) bringing more and more business and thousands of people to the area, year round.

I couldn't ask for better managers and feel pretty secure in my job now. I'm even beginning to be able to sock some money away again.

Call me crazy (you won't be the first) but like it when something isn't easy but  you figure out how to make it work. It's a very satisfying feeling to me. And who doesn't like feeling satisfied?

I'm still more than a little sad by living so far away from my touchstone sister but even making that work. We text, email, call or FB usually on a  daily (or nightly) basis. Just think if we both  learned how to Instagram and Snapchat too? How cool would that be to have two more ways to stay in touch? I gotta get Massey to try (again) and teach me. Then I can fly her back to Atlanta to teach Cindy and will have two more ways to remain close!

Maybe this move was meant for me to be a grown up on my own. I've never been a grown person without my sister being a fifteen minute car ride away.

I'm learning the highway system more and can get from place to place now without panicking or having to pull over and call my daughter. I hate to use my phone when driving, especially when in an unfamiliar place.

Funny story:

Massey showed me (for about the third time) how to listen to my favorite radio station from back home while driving in the car with some short wire she called an Ox cord. I had to buy another one when hers gave out. She was with me and picked it out for me.

When my brother gave me my new fabulous Bose speaker for Christmas, of course Massey had to teach me how to use it. Actually she had to show me how to even turn it on. After several tutorials and her putting Pandora on my phone with the genre set to sixties and seventies rock I learned how to use the speaker. I asked her if I could use it in our bedroom late at night while blogging and use my fancy new ear plugs her friend had given me for Christmas? She said, of course...just plug your ear buds into the jack marked Ox."

I turned the speaker over and over and could find the Ox  jack anywhere. She grabbed it and plugged them into the auxiliary jack.

For Pete's sake, has she really been saying "Aux" cord all this time...and how stupid am I?

Do not answer that last question!

So maybe I (definitely) am not the sharpest techno tool in the shed but could kick your ass with my lasagna, make you cry like a baby for my beef stroganoff or potato salad, and don't even get me started on my Teriyaki chicken sandwiches.

Take that you freaky techno nerds!

Give this old woman a call when you get hungry for something real.

I've said it before and say it again. I was born a Flintstone destined to die a Jetson.

Every day I get a little happier here, and every day it is a little easier to be happy.

If you've never read The Alchemist, is a must read. Be sure to have a highlighter handy.

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

I got this.

Took a minute or three months but now I get it.

There is always a reason for your season.

 Til next time...and for a reason, COTTON

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