Sunday, January 8, 2017

Off The Ledge And Over The Hump

What a relief to finally begin and feel normal again. Well, normal for me .

I've had more valleys than peaks since moving to a state which is pretty much flat for the most part, but beginning to resemble my same old self who left Georgia behind along with many parts of my heart.

Tim's doing great with his job, up soon for another promotion and luckily landed a job where I am appreciated and starting to make pretty good money.

Believe it or not think I may have even put on a pound or two. Eight more to go!

I was first crushed when Tim and Massey took a spur of the moment three day trip back home for New Year's and was already scheduled to work here, but made it just fine and actually enjoyed some time alone with my thoughts, pups (and a bottle or two of wine).

My one resolution for 2017 was to try and be happy and have done amazingly well.

After more than a few late night sob sessions on the phone with my sister talking me off the ledge and some tough love advice from my brother have decided...

This is my life. It is what it is... and is us in Orlando now.

I'm getting a bit (slight understatement) older now but think there's a law from allowing old peeps leave the state before they die. I'll have to look into that but pretty sure I'm right.

Old peeps are everywhere. Makes me feel like I'm thirty again, with seventy year old skin.

The weather is an absolute plus.

Pretty great November afternoon and just thirty minutes away from our tiny temp rental home.

After ten years we finally got our chance, and took it. It's changed our lives. Some of the change has hard but will be  for the better in the long run.

We're all here in Orlando now except for Zach. My money (which isn't much) is on him joining us too. Hopefully sooner than later but you never know with kids, especially hard headed one's so much like yourself you want to scream after every conversation with them. It's not even a conversation but a contest of who'll back down first.

No one ever wins. (sigh)

My boy hangs in there like a hair in a biscuit. He makes "like a bee in a bonnet" sound weak. He's a (July) Leo with two legs who thinks he has four balls. At least I raised fighters.

He wants to win. I want him to win but be with us and still be a  winner... so win. (yes I'm a selfish momma)

Orlando has so many options with him being a sous chef.

Just going to take it one day at a time and continue to try and be happy.

I'm just a little over one week in but feel pretty good.

When at your lowest, it's time to rise.

When at the bottom there is only one way to go.

Til next time...COTTON

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