Thursday, January 26, 2017


My brother makes fun of me a lot... but usually with good reason. He makes fun of the way I speak, with my huge southern drawl. He makes fun of the way I pronounce my husband's name, making it two syllables. "Tee-Um." I thought that was the way you pronounced "Tim."

He even makes fun of my good attributes. I have a most excellent memory for things, especially from way back in our past.

He calls me RainWoman.

That one I'll give him!

Case in point: (and one of more than many)

I got a text from my sister the other day, sent to both me and our brother.

"I just met Jeff Sheasly's wife...didn't we know them? Where did they live?"

I immediately text back:

"He's my age. Lived next door to where Cecilia Douglas lived (now Stewart Bishop's house) and next door to Sam Lee, the fiddler player on the other side. I ran into his mom at a funeral a couple of years back."

My brother text back "Never heard of him"

My sister responded "I was more depending on R.W. anyway."

I had to stop myself from responding back "And their name is also spelled, Sheesley."

(Nobody likes a bragger)

It's the only thing I have over on both my Sib's, so guess I need to brag!

That's Jeff Sheesley, on the front row in the tan shirt under the year numbers 1971-72. On his left is Donald Young and on his right is Loy Hayes, who is sitting next to Glen Epperson. And by the way, That's Cecilia Douglas on the back row far left. There are only two people in this photo I can't name by first and last name; ironically enough are the girl next to Cecilia and the boy in front of Cecilia.

Guess I really am RainWoman.

A few years back my sister and I attended a funeral together. We met at the church and my sister asked me to sit with her so I could tell her who everyone was. She'd point someone out as they walked in and I told her who they were. This went on for a while when finally a last minute straggler, some dude with the longest beard I've ever seen ever... walked into the church just at the last minute wearing a flannel shirt, faded blue jeans  and sat down. She leaned over and whispered just as the music started, "Who's that ?"

I leaned back over to her and whispered "That's one of the lead singers for ZZ Top."

Needless to say neither of us could stop giggling. We tried to, we really did but just wasn't gonna happen. We finally just put our heads down and both pretended to sob.

I have the best brother and sister in the world. We've all three managed to somehow overcome awkward youth (above photo) and also survive losing both our parents. (below photo)

It starts at home. And that's why we are all three good people. We were raised by two even better people.

My awesome sister is keeping tabs for me on my Lost Boy who horrifically burned his hand at work back in Georgia.

And this was day five.

My brother has been awesome to us since moving to Orlando and's been nice to be with him more these past three months than have the past four years. Not sure how he feels about it, but I love it.

I kinda feel stupid for being so worried about our move all this time. If I have Cindy and Chris at my back and on my side, how can I possibly lose?

And I'm the one who supposed to have a great memory. Why do I keep forgetting that?

Til next time...COTTON

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