Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hate Is A Powerful Word... Use It Wisely

I got home from work late tonight, was a closing server. Let the dogs out and sat down to watch the news. The thug who has thus far killed four people (directly or indirectly) in Orlando is still at large. Three people have already been arrested for assisting him after the fact. Two were relatives and one a former manager where the killer worked.

Even if this guy had been my own child would've turned him in immediately. I'd promise to still love and come visit him on death row but you gotta do what's right.

 I don't hate the guy but instead feel saddened by the fact he somehow, someway turned out to be a hateful, uncaring human being with no regard or respect for other innocent lives and others are helping him from being brought to justice.

That's the proper use of the word 'hate'.

To hate a person who was elected (not once, but twice) by Americans to be the leader of the free world disturbs me greatly.

I was mindlessly scrolling through social media tonight on our back porch, waiting on the three dogs to poop one last time before bed and saw more than a few hateful posts about our current President. One person even wrote "would rather see him hang for treason than listen to him speak again."

Those are pretty powerful words which shouldn't be taken (or typed lightly).

I was never a big fan of Bush, didn't vote for him but always wanted him to succeed, once elected as our leader. He was our leader. I think the weapons of mass destruction did it for me. That or all his goofy mispronouncing words or phrases.

It's like when everyone hated on Carter.

It was a horrible time, the hostages in Iran and fuel prices off the chain here but still to this day feel like he did the absolute best he could do. I still keep my furnace set to 68 in the winter. I remember when he said his wife was cold in the White House and he told her to "wear a sweater".

That's the kind of man Carter is and that's the kind of President he was.

The hate has to stop.

Obama did his best with the plate left for him. In the years since he's led this nation, my  own family went from welfare and almost losing our home to being secure and almost thriving.

So you don't agree with his his presidency (two elected terms). Do you really want the man dead?

I didn't vote for Trump. Wouldn't in a million years. Never liked him from jump.

But he's won the election. The people spoke.

I've detested him for years, thought he was an ass (still do) and even more so as of late.

Do I want him to die?

Certainly not.

Do I want him to succeed?

Most certainly.

This family, our current President's family is incredible to me. I am more than grateful and will miss them.  No one can ever convince me their race wasn't a part of the issue.

I leave you with this thought.

Hate solves nothing and fuels only negative feelings.
I'd much  rather be positive, and going  to be!

I have to, but that's okay too.

Look around, open your eyes and try to understand how we are all different and what a wonderful gift that is.

We're all different, and allowed to be!

It will all be okay. There's no reason to hate.

Til next time...COTTON

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